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I have just about finished potty training my son, Hanru, he's now 2,9 jrs. My daughter, Amone' I also potty trained fast, she was even younger 2,4 jrs. All children are different, you can not compare my children with yours and vice verse. What I found worked for me with both my children : Only seriously start potty training after the winter. The pull up nappies are more expensive than normal nappies, I only started with both my children changing over to pull ups when they went to the toilet / potty without an oops. Then only use the pull ups when you go out, at home use no nappies from the start, any oops's - just clean it mom, that's the quickest way, I found, to potty train toddlers.

To get them to stop wetting the bed at night, stop giving them liquids from around 17h00 / 18h00, if they go to bed at 20h00. Be patient here moms, both my kids slept with a pull up for a couple of months after potty training - you will soon see when those nappies are dry in the morning when they wake up to leave the bedtime nappy.

My son still sleeps with a nappy, that's the only time. My daughter since she was accident free at night, touch wood, never had an accident by wetting the bed and she's now 4.

Stacy - posted on 11/08/2009




I've read parent magazine articles that say the potty training age is going up because the hormone that keeps kids from producing urine while they sleep isn't appearing until later and around two is the earliest to expect results. My daughter was training as soon as she turned two and she made the decision on her own. we got a video at the library that was VERY helpful called once upon a potty

Becky - posted on 11/06/2009




Don't make the same mistake I did and think that once they turn 2 or 18 months (whatever it is) that it means they are ready. My daughter was showing signs of readiness at 2 interest in potty chair in bathroom, telling me she was dirty etc. She wasn't ready at all. Starting right off with pull ups at 2 1/2 was not a good idea. She really liked them (characters, pull on/off) but didn't know when she was wet since they wick moisture like diapers. Even the cool indicator ones didn't help. I ended up switching to cloth training pants through a diaper service and it worked so much better. She was about 3 then and it took a few more months to fully get the whole thing wrapped up. Actually watching peers need to go when we were out was the best incentive for her, a stay homer. And, grandma helping I might add.
I plan on letting my son beg me to use the potty. Then we will start. At 18 months he has had some interest watching his sister use the potty seat. But, I am not making the same mistake twice :)

Nina - posted on 11/06/2009




its all up to the child....has he/she started taking off the diaper or pulling down their pants acting like they have to use the potty......start by using a little potty and see how he/she like it then go from there........GOOD LUCK

Jamil - posted on 11/06/2009




Too soon is defined by your child. Some children potty train @ 1 others much later. First determine the signs that your child is ready. Verbal skills, interest in order (sorting toys in groups and what not) has your child come to you to let you know that he or she is wet or soiled? those types of things will let you know.

Angie - posted on 11/06/2009




With Allie I started when she was about 1 1/2 but I just started by taking her into the restroom with me so she could sit on her potty while I sat on the toilet. Try that and in time she will let you know if she is ready.

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