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Meredith - posted on 12/31/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 3-year old boy has been doing wonderful going pee even at nap and night time for the past 2 months, he has only gone poop twice in the toilet. I've tried lollipops, but nothing seems to work, I'll sit him there for a while then 10 minutes later he"ll go in his pants :( Any suggestions?


Debra - posted on 12/31/2009




Had this same problem. In fact we went a week with no poop because we wouldn't put a diaper on him and he wouldn't do it in his underwear. It was a battle of wills and he eventually won everytime. But after a month or so of us fighting over it I tried asking him why he didn't want to go poop in the potty and he said because daddy yelled at him. Then I realized that we had scared him the first time he went poop in the potty by making such a big deal about it(he had been peeing in the potty for about 6 months at this point). So we had to make less of a fuss over it and reassure him that he had done good by pooping in the potty. It only took like a day after that. And he still likes to do it without anyone watching him. He tells us he has to go potty and asks us to shut the door and then when he is done he calls us back in to wipe. Hope this is helpful.

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