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Kelsey - posted on 09/06/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter will be 3 years old in october. Ive done everything beyond belief to try to potty train her, and im getting nowhere. She goes thru little spells where she does excellent, will use the "big girl potty" all day long, then the next day shes on the floor throwing a fit to be in a diaper. Im really frustrated bcuz i want her to be able to go to preschool. Shes very intelligent, however extrememly stubborn. Any suggestions? Ive tried potty charts, rewards, even explained to her what disney world is and told we could go there if she was out of diapers...


Teresa - posted on 09/06/2011




My son was doing great then we had a major change in our life - we moved into a new home, new area. He reverted back to diapers for almost 6 months. He was 3 yrs old when he finally got potty trained. Our key, with the help of childcare, consistancy. Same time, go potty - wash hands. I also let him run around naked alot. And that helped us out. Every time we had to go to the bathroom, we'd ask him if he had to go and he'd follow us into the bathroom. She's still young, when she is ready she'll go. Plus when she starts seeing other children her age using the potty, she'll want too.

Take her shopping and pick out 'pull ups' and BIG girl undies. That helps some too.

Good luck

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