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Kate - posted on 01/03/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 21 months old and has shown interest in potty training. We have gotten him an elmo potty and sit him on it regularly. He always fights us when trying to put his pants back on after sitting on the potty but recently its taken a turn for the worse. Ive never seen him scream amd kick and cry like this. He seemed so scared and by thr time i got his pull up and pants back on he could barely breathe from screaming and crying so hard. Any idea on why he might be freaking out like this when I try to put his diaper on? Or anything ideas on how to soothe him through this process?


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Sarah - posted on 01/03/2013




He probably doesn't like the way the diaper feels now. I tried to slowly introduce my son to potty training and it didn't work, he would cry on the toilet but he would also cry about the diaper because he didn't like it anymore.

So I did potty training boot camp and just set aside a few days where I let him go with no diaper or underwear and within a couple days we were good.

Elfrieda - posted on 01/03/2013




If it's going well, maybe you could try putting him in underwear instead. Is that what he's so upset about, he feels like you're giving mixed signals by encouraging him to go in the potty but also putting a diaper on him? (he knows that pullups are really a diaper) Or give him the choice each time, "do you want to wear underwear or your diaper?"

My son does that sometimes, just because he doesn't like wearing pants and then gets all worked up if we try to make him. (he's okay with underwear, but then will run away from the pants) But we're still giving him treats as a reward for going, so I just say, "first pants, then treat" and he'll do it.

If he just refuses, I rethink how important it is that he wear pants. If it's warm and we're not going anywhere, I tell him, "Okay, Mommy says you can put on the pants later, not now." Now that it's winter and he has a cold, I'm more strict about it. He has to sit on my lap (I hold him there) until he's ready to put on his pants. That way it's still more of a choice, plus we're touching each other and chatting about what we see and "Oh, look at that bridge you made from blocks. I wonder if the tractor would fit under there?". So we're bonding a bit and he's getting antsy to go play, and it all adds up to him suddenly deciding that yes, he's ready to put on his pants now.

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