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Looking for some potty training tips and experience! I'm on day 3 of the 3 day method : underwear and shirt only, run when they start going and lots of praise and encouragement " tell mommy when you have to pee / keep your underwear dry..." He's 28 months. He always starts in his underwear and is able to finish on the toilet but he's not giving any signs of having to go. He tells me when he starts going or dribbles right away, and im at his side at all times. If I try and bring him without an accident it's scream and fight and cry and I don't want to turn it into a bad place. He hates wet underwear but he knows he gets new ones after an accident. We've been through about 20 pairs yesterday and today. I do not want to give up, but if there's no change by Wednesday ill have no choice for daycare. Just looking for advice I guess. I'm 20 weeks pregnant so I don't want to wait any longer. I know he can do it, he's a very bright kid.


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I struggle with this method. I had one of my day care mom's use this method and I have always tried to carry out whatever the parents are doing over to what we do at my house. This girl was 22 months old so some of the issues may have been due to her age, but as time went on it seemed like this method caused more accidents over a longer period of time then other ways of training. She was 22 months when they started and at 4 yrs old she was still having accidents daily. I know it may work for some, so I do also hate to say not to use it. Have you tried moving the potty chair into the room where your son is playing (assuming it is a little potty). I did this one time when I had two that I was trying to potty train and 2 little babies that I was carrying for and could not always make it to the bathroom to help them. It actually worked out even better. I would have a routine when I would set them on the potty for them to try. They could sit and still play or sit and still watch their tv show. At first I just wanted them to sit and try. If that was hard for them to do I would do a treat (1 m&m) if they sat and tried(needed to sit for about 3-5 mins...not just a down and up). We would do this mid morning, right before nap and right after nap. At first I did not care if they went. As they got better at sitting then I changed the reward. The treat now only came when they would go in the potty (1 m&m for pee and 2 m&m's for poop). I still stuck to our routine of trying and still had potties where we were at. Then as they started to become better at going (and my little babies got older) I moved the potty to the bathroom. After they became pretty consistent with going when I would sit them and staying dry the other times I then moved to asking them if they had to go at those times we would try to go. If they said "no" I would say ok and remind them to let me know......then I would ask again if it had been awhile......after a long while and if they still said "no" I would just take them. At this time the treat also changed......now they only got the m&ms if they went without me taking them. I have had better luck doing it this way. It can be a longer process, but in the end a shorter one as we are not dealing with accidents as long. Some kids move fast through the stages and others a bit slower. Not sure if this way would work for your son or not.

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