Potty Training Answers... If you need them

Erica - posted on 12/07/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




I have to say that I honestly dont agree with the wait until she's ready... what I did with my now 3 year old was I was on leave for 2 weeks, for the second week of my leave I would wake up in the morning with the girls and set my timer on my stove for 20 minutes, when the timer went off we went to the potty, my daughter didnt like the little potties, but i think that was because her older sister was using the regular potty. Anyways, the timer went off- we went to the potty, I kept her in a shirt and panties all day, and every 20 minutes we went to the potty and we sang a song while she sat there for a couple of minutes. This enables them to go pee, or poop and start realizing what the feeling is that they get before they have to go. Give her juice or water frequently throughout the day. If she has an accident, then take her straight in and sit on the potty and tell her this is where we go potty not in our pants. It takes a lot of time, but by half way through day 2 she was telling me when she had to go and we didn't have any accidents from then on. Bed time- i decided after she started to have frequent dry diapers in the morning. hope this helps!!
Also, I forgot to add, that everytime she actually pee'd or pooped in the potty she received a sticker to put on her construction paper. I only had to do the stickers the first couple of days though, it wasn't needed long term.


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All kids are different. If I tried to sit my boy on the potty when he didn't need to wee it all ended in tears. He kind of told me he was ready (2yrs, 3 mths), all I did was give him naked time when we were at home and have the potty nearby at all times. He doesn't care about sticker charts and the like, he wanted to use the potty so he did, no external rewards required.

My nephew on the other hand was trained at 18 months. He was much further ahead verbally, and responded to rewards. He was happy sitting on the potty being read stories whereas my boy never liked that. Like I say, they're all different.

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You may not agree w/ it, but that doesn't mean it doesn't work. If I had tried to take my son potty every 20 minutes we would've both hated the potty... since he holds his pee for 4-14 (overnight) hours!


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What do I know? My son asked to poop on the potty at 15 months cuz he was watching his older cousin potty train. Even though he didn't fully potty train til 2 years 9 months.... he was fully potty trained at the same time that cousin (11 months older) finally stopped having daytime accidents... cuz he was 'pushed' to train....

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If a child is not developmentally ready, they aren't going to make the progress needed to become potty trained. That doesn't mean they won't make progress or have successes - but they won't be able to be potty trained. For example, if your lo doesn't know what it feels like before they go potty, how can you expect them to initiate?

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