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Lindsay - posted on 01/25/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




My Daughter will be 3 years old March 27th , The last 5 months she has done really well with going potty , but now she is back to going in her pull up more than the potty , when she is watching tv or playing she goes in her pull up , and only uses the potty a few times a day , are they any ways i can get her out of the pull ups all together ??? I put panties on her and the first few hours she does great but then she pees in them till she has no clean ones left , i really would like to get her fully potty trained before Sept so she can go to preschool ???


JESSICA - posted on 01/27/2012




I have 3 children and I've learned that every child becomes potty trained at different ages. My son was 3 and my daughter just became potty trained at 3 years and 7 mths..she too progressed and regressed and we tried praise, rewards, stickers etc..I am not a big fan of pull ups because my kids used them just like diapers no matter what we tried. I got brave and finally just put underwear on her and explained that she could wear them but had to use the potty. We explained to her that in order to go to preschool and Disney world in April she had to learn to use the potty everytime she had to go. At first she still had accidents and I would just clean her up put a new pair on and tell her next time we get to the potty so she can go to preschool and on the trip. Within a week she was having fewer accidents one a day and becoming proud of herself and we would praise her everytime. After a week she stopped having accidents and would run to the bathroom each time she had to go and then excitedly tell me she went and was a big girl like me and her friends who are potty trained. Its been 3 weeks and she's had no accidents and doesn't even need any help when she goes. Also I still get her up around 10 to 11 at night and have her go..evenif she is asleep and I have to hold her on it. My mom told me that helped us not pee in the middle of the night and it has worked. She now tells everyone she wears underwear and is getting bigger. Let them choose the underwear they want to wear and any reward that will motivate them..like getting to go to preschool like a big kid. Rewarding each time she went didn't work for us, we had to use a goal reward. We used praise each time instead and reminded her of the goals when she didn't make it cause she was too busy and waited too long. She started realizing that using the potty and wearing underwear was great and made her feel more grown up and started making sure she didn't have an accident. I hope this helps and wish you luck. Some kids are capable at 2, 3, 3 1/2, I've even seen some at 4 it just depends on the child and where they are developmentally and maturity level. Non of my kids were ready until after age 3.

Nicky - posted on 01/25/2012




I have a boy but what i did is reward him everytime he went and praised him. he was so proud of him self everytime. if you make a big deal out of it, it will make it more excting for her and she will want to do it. i let my son call his grandma and tell her everytime he went. also the first few times i brought him to the store and let him pick out a suprise! it just makes it exciting for them. He did good going pee on the potty, the problem i had was going poo poo on the potty. he would go in his room & take his underwear off and put a pull-up on to poo. so doing that i knew that he knew when he had to go. so what i figured is if i dont leave pull-ups out he will have no choice but to use the potty & guess what..HE DID!

Kena - posted on 01/25/2012




Well with my daughter she used to visit her gmas and every time she would come back in pull ups. I think they get tuned to the tv or just playing. I used to ask my daughter every 30-45 minutes if she had to go. As well as making sure when she did go to make a big deal how big girls use the bathroom. I also put my daughter in panties and made sure she knew why she got to wear those(shes a big girl) and if she went in them i wouldnt let her change them for at least 10 min. Seems mean but I promise she only had to do that a couple of times before she started to go because she said that wet panties were for babies. Hope this helps


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