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Sarah - posted on 05/16/2012 ( 9 moms have responded )




Hi! My name is Sarah. I am a mom of 3 girls and believe it or not I am having potty training issues with the third one!! You would think by now I would be a pro LOL Any tricks, advice, proven methods to getting the little angel to poop in the potty?? Thanks a bunch ladies


Determined - posted on 05/16/2012




I can officially say that after a year my 3 y/o little girl is now doing it. She fights and tells me she doesn't want to, but she does it after sitting there for a while. Perhaps your little one is constipated that is my daughter's issue and since it hurt naturally she doesn't want to do it. For a year though I tried everything bribing her with toys, candy, money, special trips/outings and nothing. Tried laxatives, stool softners, and prune juice to make it easier ( and those things still do not help much) and she refused I'd sit her on the potty and she would sit there for 45 minutes and nothing happened I'd take her down and within 5 minutes she had gone in her diaper/panties. I even told her there were fish that lived in the potty that were hungry and wanted to eat her poop (it worked for my sisters kid) and my daughter told me to make the fish a sandwich ahaha.
This is your third so you already know that patience and praise are the two biggest things, I have also discovered that my daughter feels better if I am NOT in the room, she wants me in there with her but will not go I'll make an excuse to leave the room and ta-da! It also helps if I let her read a book/color to make her forget what it is she is actually doing. When she does go we immediately call daddy, auntie and grandma so she can tell them how much of a big girl she is.
Like I said my daughter still does not want to go but she will. I put her on make her stay there for about 15-20 minutes and if nothing happens I let her down and tell her we'll try again, in 30 minutes back on the potty she goes, and we repeat this routine until finally the deed is done.
I hope this helps. Good luck sending tons of patience your way momma!

Louise - posted on 05/17/2012




I never used a potty with any of my three, they always had a toilet seat so they felt the same as everyone else. Also some children dont like to see what comes out of there butts and refuse to do it to be inspected before throwing down a toilet. Cant say I blame them! Try using a toilet seat like her sisters and she will want to be the same as them.


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Jessica - posted on 05/27/2012




My daughter was peeing on the potty every time shortly after age 2 but the other feed took a long time too! Turns out she just wanted privacy! A friend reccomended letting her sit extra long ALONE, we set up a bathroom book box she could reach from the John and then I starte just checking on her through the door until she was ready (sometimes 20 mins or longer) to get help cleaning up. She was so cute she always said "don't smell k! I made it stinky"

Sarah - posted on 05/26/2012




We actually use both. If we are out of the house we carry around a potty but inside she sits on the toilet seat. She can actually sit on the toilet without a seat too but I think it makes her feel safer to have it there.

Thanks for all the replies. She actually did it in her potty today and I nearly did back flips for her. I caught her going to her hiding place so I told her to hold it and away we went. She likes her privacy when going too, so if I leave the room or turn around (if we are outside) she works almost right away. So today I put her on and walked away to tend to the other girls and viola!! (sp?) I was so happy. God willing tomorrow she can do it again.



Terina - posted on 05/21/2012




i didnt tend to use a potty with my daughter but did with my son and it was more drawn out process ,i mean theyve never seen you on a potty......with my son we had one as where we lived at the time we didnt have downsatiars loo either so having a potty was god send i started off by just leaving t in the room so he could see it and when it was time to train i literally took his nappies off and he found out for himself what being wet was like if we didnt get him on potty in time sounds awful i know but we had wood flooring where it was easy to clean too, eventually i had some of that colour changing bubble bath put that in the potty so when he peed on it he saw it changed colur,, worked wonders! i also took him out to choose his own undies . with my daughter we went straight on the toilet after a week or 2 she seemed more coonfident with the toilet we used the same method for taking nappies away, both mine used a kid seat ontop of normal loo saet as they felt like they were going to fall! ,oh and sticker charts for my daughter that i kept in the loo and she chose the stickers. but every child will `get it ' and each method works differently for each child good luck though in whatever you

Amy - posted on 05/19/2012




After fighting with my daughter I took her diapers away. I told her she is a big girl now and she know she needs to use the potty. No more diapers and pottying in her panties. Thats all it took for my girl.

Tanya - posted on 05/18/2012




All children progress at different stages and it may just be she's not entirely sure about it or simply isn't ready. I can't really say anything about a potty because we never used one, it was straight onto the toilet at age 2 but my daughter (now 7.5 yrs) was scared of sitting on it so we got one of those seat inserts that made it impossible for her to fall into it, and this helped a lot. After that is was a struggle to get her to go as she was one of those kids that preferred to sit and play (didn't want to miss out on anything) than get up and go to the toilet so she soiled herself more often than not. That took a lot of patience and talks to get through. My best advice would be to not push it, if she clearly is refusing to and you've told her why she needs to go, etc or if she's getting upset over it, I would leave it and try again a little later on. Best of luck!

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