Potty Training HELP PLEASE!!!

CJ - posted on 06/04/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is starting to use the potty and she is 22 months old, i am really happy that she is trying, but she has a fear of using the potty in the bathroom. I put her potty in the bathroom and she would not touch it for about a month. So i decided to try and move it to her room and that night she told me she had to go potty and she did. What should i do? I dont want he going to the potty in her room all the time, i want her to learn that she needs to do it in a the bathroom. Any suggestions?


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Chelsy - posted on 06/07/2009




My son did the same thing. We had to move it to the living room then to the hallway outside then to the bathroom. You just have to make them really excited about going potty in the big potty. We like make it a huge deal when he does and he is fully potty trained now. And he isnt two yet. But he didnt want to wear diapers anymore he hated them thats why i think he caught on so quick. Good luck!

Lauren - posted on 06/04/2009




Try moving it to the hallway right out side the bathroom and see what happens. Then if that works after a little while try it again and offer a big reward for going in the bathroom.

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