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Hi everyone. I'm new to "Circle of Moms" and i was wondering if I can get some feedback. My son is a little over 2 yrs. old and I want to know when I should start potty training. Any tips/advice? Thanks so much.....I really appreciate any advice. Have a good day, mamas ;).


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My biggest tip is let him lead you. Encourage but don't push. Have the potty chair out. Let him test it out. At first he may want to sit on it fully clothed and only when you are in their going potty. Give him praise for each positive step he makes. So if he is sitting on the potty with clothes on right now....give him praise for sitting. Try before bath time to set him on it without clothes on. If he does not want to, don't push it. He will get to where he wants to sit in time. Once he starts to move onto a new step give praise and then show him what the next step is. Then allow him to make that next move. So first it may be sitting with clothes on then it might be sitting with clothes off only at bath time. Next would be having him sit right away in the morning, then before and after nap. And then I start adding in a morning, afternoon, and evening potty break. At first I don't ask if they have to go I just say let's go potty. Once they have become more consistent with going on a regular basis then I start asking. I also find that a little treat helps the incentive. I do 1 m&m for pee and 2 for poop. This way it keeps the treat small, but yet gives them incentive.

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