Potty training my almost two year old

Autumn - posted on 03/19/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




We've been potty training out daughter for about 4 months gradually. The first 3 months she still wore diapers and was using the potty and diapers. We weren't pressuring her very much. Now she wears panties when we are at home and she's been doing good. This has been for about three weeks, but is it normal that she has at least 2-3 accidents still every day? She goes in the potty alot but still has accidents every single day. I read about kids being fully trained in just days and I'm getting frustrated. She is also doing he same with number two. Sometimes in the potty and sometimes in her panties.... I know she is still young but I'm looking for some advice. Also, usually if she does have a pee accident she only dribbles a little then tells me and runs to the potty and finishes there. So I know she can hold it..... But sometimes she doesn't. How long will she have accidents like this?


Sarah - posted on 03/20/2013




I would say just be patient. Make a sticker chart and reward system for when she does go in the potty. Also make sure you ask her throughout the day....kids get involved in playing and forget they have to go. She is doing a really good job at stopping herself and then going in the potty. You may also want to just take her to the potty at times when she has not gone for a long time. She is doing really good and is very young. Potty training is a process it does not happen overnight and for some kids it takes longer then others. I watch a little girl that her parents did the train your child in a week thing and that was when she was 22 months old. She is now 3 1/2 yrs old and still has accidents...usually about 3 a week. Sometimes when you push kids too fast and too early it makes for a harder and longer process. Potty training should be something the child does and the parents help encourage and guide. I say it is much like walking. All kids get it, just in their own time and way. There are things you can do to help them learn and to encourage them, but it has to be their accomplishment. Just keep encouraging her....have a reward system that moves with her success. First start with having no accidents in a day....then when she is doing well with that make it no accidents for two days and so on. And also help remind her to go or stop and have her go. It is hard for kids to stop what they like doing to go to the potty.

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