Potty Training My Little Man?!

Jacqueline - posted on 01/11/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




So my son is showing all the signs of wanting to potty train. He is 14 months old (which is the same age as my daughter when she started potty training fully trained at 19 months on the dot). No its not to early for those doubters ;). I think he is fully capible. He tells when right before he poops and take his diaper off when he pees and watches himself pee on my lovely carpet. Then laughs while he tells he pee'd. SO...

The big bang question... How do you get a BOY to pee and poo in the potty, We have the singing potty. And the b-ball potty, He will sit on them and pee and poo NEXT to them :-? yes... you read right. HAHA.

So please I am looking for tips! He is a boy and get distracted very easily. Potty training when the baby is an only child was so much easier then this haha.

Thanks for you help!


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Janice - posted on 01/12/2012




IDK about poop but for pee put cheerios in the toilet/ potty to aim at. Also maybe stickers. My daughter likes to decorate her thighs with stickers while she sits. Goodluck :)

Jacqueline - posted on 01/12/2012




i tried books :( it worked for my daughter but my son is just busy busy busy. I even bought a bunch of pop up books... and he tore them out to "stay busy" haha

Brittney - posted on 01/12/2012




try books, just sit him on the potty and hand him a book to read. I know its possible for him to be potty trained because my daughter is 16 months and is!

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