Potty training regression

Janice - posted on 06/13/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 31 months old and has been potty trained for about 4 months now. Last week she began peeing and pooping in her pants almost every time and the times in which she doesn't have a full blown accident she leaks. She is still staying dry during naps as usual which makes me think its not medical. Before this we could go out and if she needed to wait 10 minutes to go, she could hold it. I am at my wits end with clean up and laundry. Any advice?


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Brittney - posted on 06/13/2012




Regression happens, my daughter went through it and may go through it again. She has been trained for 6 months now and is just now starting to tell me before she has to go. If they aren't full accidents then maybe she just can't hold it for very long. Ruby used to go 10 hours without going pee (at night) then when she turned 19 months (3 weeks after staying dry at night) she started to wet the bed again. Now she has to get up in the middle of the night in order to avoid wetting the bed. Just make sure she goes potty before you leave and if you're going to be gone for longer than she can hold it, make sure she goes once you get there too. I was doing 3 loads of laundry a day when she would wet the bed at night (2 sets of sheets, 3 top blankets, 2 mattress pads, 1 pillow case, 2 sets of underwear, and 2 sets of pjs, plus anything dirty or accidents). If you worry about accidents in the car, I have heard puppy pads are great, bring along extra clothes. Its summer here so Ruby wears dresses and I just bring 3 pairs of underwear. I also keep some extra clothes in the car for emergencies.

She may have a UTI, that can cause leaks (I thought Ruby had one but the doctor told me that sometimes they get irritated or sore down there from going pee so often.) Is she night trained too? I went ahead and night trained soon after day training because I didn't want her to hold it until night time and go in the diaper. (she waited until bedtime then pooped in the diaper, now she goes at about 10a)

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