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I have been potty training my two year old for two weeks now we had the peeing down pat with the occasionally accidents but for the last couple of days he does nothing but pee in his pants... WHY IS HE DOING THIS? WHAT SHOULD I DO? ALSO HOW DO I GET HIM TO POOP IN THE POTTY?


Deidre - posted on 03/17/2012




In most cases children's bladder and control mechanisms aren't fully DEVELOPED until they are 3 1/2. It's not necessarily that he doesn't WANT to, it's he may not be able to. There is nothing wrong with being open and honest about toilet training. Teaching him all the in's and out's is a great thing. As much as Pull-Ups get a bad wrap, I am a BIG fan of them. I am raising 3 boys on my own and have found them to be my SAVIOR LOL :)

One thing that helped me was using a kitchen timer. I set it for every 2 hours and brought them to the potty. I also don't allow liquids two hrs before bedtime. I wake my youngest as early as possible, usually at 5am, and take him to the potty BEFORE he wets the bed. I have never left it up to the child to "Tell me" when he needs to go. I feel it is the parents responsibility to take them regardless, since they don't have control of their inner signals for quite some time. They will undoubtedly choose to continue playing car crash games over stopping and going to the potty. Later on the Kitchen Timer also was a Life Saver to teach "Transition". So instead of me running around barking orders or yelling about how we need to go "NOW!", the timer rings and then they know it is time to change activities. It has saved me sooo much anguish :)


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Just remember - accidents happen! There are good potty training days & bad potty training days. You just have to take them when they come. Never punish him for having an accident. Say something like, "It's okay that you had an accident, but next time let's try to make it to the potty in time." Sometimes kids like doing it on their own without having mom or dad constantly reminding them. That's what we did with my daughter & she was potty trained in no time.

Also, if he's not ready - don't force it. If you force it when he's not ready, it will only backfire. When did he turn 2? If he's recently 2, he might not be ready. My daughter was 3 before she was remotely interested in potty training. We forced it before then a few times & it backfired. Just because you are ready for him to be trained doesn't mean he's going to want to.

Brittney - posted on 03/17/2012




Accidents happen, there are good days and bad days, just clean up the mess and tell him to go in the potty when he has to go. My daughter has been potty trained for almost 2 months now and she still has the occasional accident. Do you by chance know his poop schedule? like does he poop everyday? every other day? before or after nap? if you do know it, get him to the potty 5-10 minutes before he has to go. If not, just watch him for cues that he has to go and get him to the potty. Once he knows where poop goes, it will be easier to poop train him.

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