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Im currently pregnant with my second child. I have a 3 year old daughter she will be 4 when this baby is born. I wanted to hear from mothers in this situation or already through this situation about the changes your toddler or preschooler went through while you were pregnant. Behavior, jealousy,etc


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Carisa - posted on 09/07/2011




My girls are three years apart. I am so happy I waited for baby number 2. Olivia (my oldest) was a big help when her sister was born. We really didn't have any trouble with jealousy, but part of that is my daughters personality. My girls are now 2 and 5 and get along great. They play together and I can trust Olivia to keep an eye on her sister.

Also, I made a very big deal about "our baby" the entire time I was pregnant. I made sure Olivia knew the new baby belonged to her too.

Lady Heather - posted on 09/06/2011




I'm 33 weeks right now with a 27 month old. Obviously no help with post-baby stuff but I imagine a lot of that has to do with the individual kid.

I think as far as the actual baby goes, my daughter is very excited. She already brings her toys and pats my tummy and tries to feed her (through my belly button). She talks a lot about how she is going to share her toys and change diapers and bring the baby a soother. It's really cute. The actual pregnancy has been tough though. I've been really slowing down lately and the little one does not understand why mummy can't do all the things she used to do so she gets frustrated. I've had to get really creative with coming up with activities for us to do.

The biggest problem has been that she's figured out she can take advantage of me. I'm not supposed to carry her and she knows it so when daddy's not around she becomes a bit of a terror. Like last week my husband was out of town. So I figure one night we'll go in the backyard and she can run around while I sit. ha. Gets to be 8 pm. Definitely time to go in and get ready for bed. She knows it so she runs behind the greenhouse at the back of the yard and refuses to come out. She knows I can't carry her across the whole yard. It honestly took me until 9 to get her into bed from that point. Totally exhausting. I'm definitely looking forward to having the baby because I think our situation will actually improve at that point!

Emma - posted on 09/06/2011




When i was pregnant with my second my first had a hard time understanding that i couldnt lift her up and carry her. She had a huge behavior change but once bubba was born we got her really involved with the baby and she really felt included and she went back to being her normal self. Though sometimes there is a little bit of jealousy when baby requires alot more attention then she does at times. My oldest even tried to spend a couple of nights in bed when me. But my daughter loves her baby sister alot and loves looking after her so much that i need to keep a eye on her have found at times that she will try and pick the baby up or hug her and she gets ontop of her and squishes her trying to kiss and hug. But i suggest get your daughter really involved like decorating a room, picking out baby clothes and when its born help bathing baby and chosing clothes for baby to wear stuff like that. Hope this helps =) Good luck with your pregnancy!

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