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my daughter turned 3 in july and I do not planning on sending her to preschool this year, next year for sure when she is four. Should I have sent her to preschool or is one year enough?


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I have 4 children...5, 4, 2 and 8 months. Both of my older children started preschool when they were 3 and I plan on doing the same for the next two. The 3's pre-k mainly touches on social skills, sharing, caring for others, learning to listen and taking turns. They don't usually start the academics until the 4's, so it all depends on your child. All preschools are also different so you would have to look into what the ones in your area offer to see if starting her now is right for the both of you! Good Luck in whatever you choose.

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I think it depends on the child. If your daughter is very shy, then I think 2 years would be beneficial. Also true if she is very outgoing and social and craves being around other kids. If you're asking about academics, my opinion is that most kids do fine with one year of preschool before Kindergarten. I really think the main advantage to preschool is the socialization. On the other hand, your household will start getting sicker once your kids go to school.

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I am a strong advocate for preschool. I have four kids and 2 of them went to preschool for 2 years, one of them went for 1. I have noticed a huge gap in their social skills. The one that only went for one year is very advanced, and I thought preschool would just hold her back (she was reading and adding by 3), but it really didn't. Even the year that she did go, they found ways to challenge her, and showed me how to challenge her at home. I believe it is preschool that prepared us for her to get bumped up a grade in kindergarten. It was preschool that helped us identify my son's dyslexia, and preschool is helping me learn how to deal with his hearing loss. Preschool is for the parents as well as the child. You will learn how to be an advocate for your child, how to challenge her, how to find any resources you may need. If you can get your child in, get her in, and be involved with the school. Join the policy council. You will be amazed at the things you will learn about yourself, your daughter, and your community.

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