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Ashley - posted on 04/03/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




i'm getting my three year old ready for preschool, i've been to different schools but my problem is how to deal with his extreme attatchment to me whenever i leave he throws a huge fit i don't know what to do!


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Serena - posted on 04/05/2010




I think its harder on us moms than it is for them. We leave racked with guilt questioning if we did the right thing, and then when you call 30 mins later they're fine playing up a storm. My son was great for the first week or so because it was something new and exciting. His attachment issues started the next week and continued based on what was going on at home. My husband is in the military and constantly in and out so it does take its toll on our children.
A good thing to do is ask his teacher what is a good time to bring your child and any other suggestions she has for making the mornings easier. We were told to bring him when everyone was still together in the morning doing free play and the big one was don't give him the option to go to school. Instead of asking are you ready for school today say okay lets get in the car and go to school. You'll have plenty of fun, etc...It really helped.
But always remember trust your gut...if you feel somethings not right, investigate. Your mommy and you know your child better than anyone else. Good luck

[deleted account]

It's hard, but you need to kiss him good bye and tell him to have fun and you will pick him up very soon. Then leave and don't turn back. It ends up being worse for the child if you try to go back to him or linger in the hallway. There are so many wonderful distractions in preschool and the children usually calm down soon after the parent leaves.

Trisha - posted on 04/04/2010




It is really hard to leave your kids on the first day. it was hard for me but i had to leave they will be fine after like 10mins or so. good luck

Jennifer - posted on 04/04/2010




I'm a teacher...Please BELIEVE me, your child will stop crying sooner if you SAY goodbye and leave right away! Also, dropping off at the same time, or really creating a routine helps mornings too-like, always get there at the same time so he knows what to expect. Hope this helps:)

Kristi - posted on 04/04/2010




I did the same as Lea by playing with my daughter she was having fun playing with all the things that she was walking away and leaving me so I went to say goodbye but she just told me to go home. I also agree with Michelle one day when i was dropping my daughter off a child was screaming for his mother while she was walking out the door. After he saw his mother drive away the teachers came and got to start joining in with the kids and was fine. You can always call during the day to find out how your child is doing.

Michelle - posted on 04/03/2010




Ashley the first few times you leave he will scream and it will last for as long as he thinks you can still hear him the teachers will get him doing something and distract him and he will be fine...this process could happen for the first few visits just give it time and he will adjust....they like to play on our heart strings.

Lea - posted on 04/03/2010




Hi Ashley, when my oldest daughter was going to pre-school, I had to sit in the first day for almost an hour before I left. She was a little social butterfly anyway, so once she got talking to the other kids, she was fine. She knew mommy would come back and get her.

My son will be going into preschool this year too and it's going to be more of an adjustment for me than him, I think. He goes to his own class on Sunday at church and was in "nursery" the year before. We also attend playgroups when we can. This helps little toddlers/little kids adjust to being around other children that are not family and other adults, other moms. If you're not part of a playgroup may I suggest that you find one in your community or form one with some friends that have toddlers too.

I find playgroups good for both me and my children. I get to have adult conversations, and the kids get to make new friends and learn/develop social skills like sharing and such.

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