Psoriasis Meds, Treatments, Management in Toddlers

Heather - posted on 12/20/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




Hi All,

I just found out today that my three year old daughter has psoriasis. Her dad has it, so I know how she got obviously. He has very bad plaques and I've watched him struggle to manage it for years. I'm hoping to do my best to keep it at a controlled level for my little girl. The only good news we have gotten is that hopefully she will grow out of it.

We've been given a low dose (.025%) steroid cream for the spots she has and outbreaks, but I don't want her to have steroids in her system all them time. Other than that, we've been told to give her showers every other day, to use Aveeno lotion and Extra Virgin Oilive Oil to keep her skin moist. Also to get her out in the sunlight whenever possible. We live in Michigan, so for about 7 -8 months of the year it's too cold to have her running around in a swimsuit to get the UV rays and tanning booths are too harsh, I think, plus she's way to young for them at this point anyway.

Is anyone else out there who has experience dealing with this that has any suggestions?

Also she has taken swimming lessons in the winter every year, but I'm afraid the chlorine in the water will just irritate her skin now. So I'm worried that she won't be able to have them anymore.

Any advice on that front?

Has anyone else had a toddler with this skin condition?

Thanks so much.


Amber - posted on 04/09/2012




at age 19 i've had psoriasis since i was 4 and the chlorine always helps mine! definitely keep it under control or she'll have Psoriatic arthritis at an early age like me! GL

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Tracey - posted on 11/10/2012




My 4 year old has psoriasis. I will tell you that I long for summer because the chlorine in our pool takes care of her outbreaks. It does bleach the areas, but there are no problems. There are over the counter creams. I use ones with coal tar, stinky, but effective.

Carly - posted on 12/31/2010




A girl I worked with's daughter had bad psoriasis and her insurance paid for a little sunlamp for at home. Obviously, the tanning booths are way too harsh for a kid so this worked great. She'd do a few 10 min. sessions during the day and the psoriasis got much much better with the UV light. Plus, you can get the kind that only have the "good" UV rays, it's probably the same kind of lights they use for jaundiced babies. Check with your insurance and see if it's something they'd cover, if not it's probably not too expensive to order one yourself.

Kristin - posted on 12/23/2010




My son has really bad eczema. I have to put him on a steroid cream when it is really bad. When he gets the really rough dry very itchy skin, I give him an oatmeal bath. Then as soon as he gets out rub him down with something called Vanicream. It a super moisturizing cream that works great. You can get it behind the pharmacy counter without a prescription. That helps immensely. When he cant sleep I give him benadryl to calm the itching and help him sleep.

Christy - posted on 12/23/2010




My Best friend has this, and she has it BAD. She grew up in Minnesota and moved to Texas, (where she lives now). Her Psoriasis is under total control now because she gets in the sun during the HOTTER times here (Spring and Summer mostly) She said the drugs worked for awhile but she stopped them b/c of the side effects and ineffectiveness. Once she got a pool and started getting in the sun (20 minutes a day minimum) her plaques went away. They are still gone in the colder months, even going without the sun on a daily basis. Maybe you can get a small tanning lamp for an area of your house a try that? Not the full body expensive ones, just a bulb where she can be exposed a few minutes each day. Good luck.

Heather - posted on 12/23/2010




I have a 7 yr old who used to have very bad excema but i was able to get it under control. There are a few things i did. I changed ALL of our products to all natural products (btw, aveno is not natural and with kristof it flared him up) and organic when possible (this was anything that went on skin or in air like cleaning products as well as clothing-no poly or nylon except in swim suit...all cotton jammies and clothes and sheets and blankets). I would put a drop or 2 of tea tree oil in the tub to kill of any bacteria so that the sensative spots would not get infected. I would give him a good massage with all natural oils like sweet almond oil and jojoba oil every morning and night and sometimes in the middle of the day if he was having a flare up. I kept his diet 100% natural and loaded him full of fresh raw fruits and veggies (i also give him Juice Plus gummies to get some extra nutrients into him...if you want more info on that feel free to email me I keep the heat really low (50 degrees at night and never turn it above 60 degrees during the day). I use a humidifier in his room at night if he has a flare up. i do not use soap or shampoo on him everytime he showers or bathes, just maybe 1x every week or so, the other times he just soaks a bit and sometimes along with the teatree oil i will also put some jojoabo or vit e oil in the tub when he is soaking in it. Also when he had a flare up i would put calendula on it which seemed to help. Once I figured out my system of products, temperature and nutritiion i had a HUGE improvement very quickly and have very little problems with it now. My younger son also has similar allegies but i started him off the way i was treating my older son and he has had 1 very small spot pop up 2x and had not big flare ups at all so i beleive that if i treated him like any other child and used whatever products on him or fed him whatever then he would have much bigger problems but at age 3 really has not so that is good.
Also with swim lessons i would go ahead and do it but when he gets out shower him off well and coat him up with oil before getting him dressed. Lanolin was another thing that really seemed to help and i would also put breastmilk on flare ups when i was lactating and that worked really well too (i know that prob sounds wierd but since it has so many antibacterial antibodies it soothed things well.). Good luck and feel free to email me and we can brainstorm some more if you think that would be helpful :o)

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