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I am a single mom to a 2yr old. I found potty training to be a lil hard because my son the independent type. Since my son have been going to the potty I recently bought some pull-ups for my son and they not fitting right and i dont know why. My son weights about 32 to 36pds so i got a pack for 3t to 4t they dont fit his butt right but then i got another pack thats 4t to 5t and they too big am i missing something or what? Do pull-ups suppose to like big boy underwear or are they suppose to fit like diapers?



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I cannot answer this question because I do not use pull-ups - in fact I HATE them lol :p
Why do I hate them? 1) They are too much like nappies (diapers) so some children are lazy and don't bother about using the potty. 2) Some children need to feel wet to link the full bladder sensation with urination 3)If they are poohed in they are awful to change (even worse than pants because the child is more likely to sit down in pull-ups, but you still have to strip the child off to change them, unlike a nappy) 4) I feel it makes some parents/carers lazy too - knowing that it doesn't matter if child doesn't go to potty because they have a pull-up on

I am currently potty training DS1 (31 months) and have gone the bare bottom/big boy pants route - less than 3 weeks down the line and we seem to be there, at least during the day, he's still in a nappy over night. a few accidents but thats to be expected, and nothing out of the ordinary.

We started off at home one Saturday with a bare bottom and a potty, asking/reminding about every 10 mins. a few puddles but nothing major. On the Wednesday he went to nursery (day care) for the afternoon - with big boy pants and trousers and a huge bag of spare clothes, and an expectation of a lot of washing! I was wrong - only 1 accident when he was distracted. We built up until now during the morning I hardly remind him, he often just pulls his pants/trousers down and goes by himself, and today even falling asleep in the car he didn't wet himself, although I did put him on the potty as soon as we stopped and he woke up!

I say - skip the pull-ups and go for it! either they are ready and will know what to do, or they aren't and won't.


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I have Huggies pullups for my son and I have the 3t-4t and they seem big on him and don't fit right but they hold everything so I think thats the important thing. He also has worn the pampers kind size 5 (cuz thats the size diaper he would be in) and they seem to fit better. To be pullups remind me off a form of diaper whether than undies.

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k, I have a girl but I know that her pull-ups look like they don't fit right either but they do hold in the pee. They are supposed to be more like underpants than diapers.

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