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Hello. I'm actually a dad, but I hope you don't mind me joining Circle of Moms. I looked for sites like this for dads, but came up empty handed. Our oldest daughter just turned 3 & her behavior is concerning to me. We have tried many different approaches, but are @ our wits end after 6 months of little if any improvement. We give her the same amount of love & affection as our youngest daughter who is 20 months, we have tried scolding her in different ways that she'll understand (time out chair, lost toy privileges, early bedtime, no "special" snacks, speaking with her calmly during & after her misbehaving, etc.) but it just doesn't seem to phase her. She gets very rough with her younger sister, does not listen, gets a very sassy mouth, scowly / evil looking face, etc. I would very much appreciate any ideas or insight from others. Thanks. :)


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i would like to say that i know what your feeling but i cant say that i have two kids that r atthat age and girls but i do have a 10 year old son and a month old girl and my son is starting to get rouch with her but i think its cause hes not to sure to how it is to be gentle cause my girl is the only one born in 6 years so his been with boys but i would say its not that she hates her sister but rather not know what to do with her my brother has a 6 year old boy and a 5 year old girl and the boy use to hit his sister all the time when they were 3 and 2 but grow out of it at 5 and 4 its the age they are ,, unless the 3 year old is really hurting her then i wouldnt make i big deal of it cause i have seen if i do then my son does it more ofter just to see what id do or get a reaction out of me ,, i can try if you have not already sit down with them both on the floor and play with them make sure you say thank you for a toy if you r given one and make sure you have the kids do it to kind of show them how to be nice and play well kids learn what they see and hear if one of the girls dont say thank you or plz then tel the one that dont you cant play if your not gonna be nice as to if they hit or push and you dont play with that kid just the one thats being nice i did that with my son when he was little and started to do that with other kids hope i helped some

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