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Hi, this is my first time posting just have been reading some of the posts and happy that other mothers are going though the same thing.
My daughter just turned 19 months old and still isn't walking independently yet. She walks by holding my finger and basically runs with the push Walker and holding onto toys. She even takes the initiative to get the push Walker on her own and walk around the house, but when you take it away she immediately goes to her knees to crawl. I am convinced that she will start walking when she is ready but I think I some advice from other mothers.
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My kids walked both by 13.5 months of age. I was also later on walking than most as well. I figured my daughter had tried to walk on her own when no one was looking and fell down but only got a shock from it that scared her instead of hurt and she hung on hands and push toys for a while after. Then one day she took off! My son was also 13.5 months when he took off and I did not expect that then because he was an over sized kid at 8 months old being 24 pounds. He was 30 pounds at a year. The doctor was not concerned. But he did take off. Just because the average milestone is set for a certain thing at a certain time does not mean any child has to meet that goal then. Some kids are quicker than average, some are average, and some are a bit behind. I would advise putting up the push walker for a while and that will make her have to start hanging on furniture or other things to go from place to place and she will have to try to walk between places to hang on without that extra thing to hang onto.


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Sarah - posted on 02/17/2017




While most kids can walk by 15 months, some are just late bloomers. As long as your pediatrician is not concerned, I'd not worry. She'll probably be up on running shortly. Meanwhile you can encourage her by playing games that push her to walk on her own. Once she realizes "hey I can do this!" she will likely be non-stop!

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