Room sharing.... ADVICE PLEASE!

Taylor - posted on 01/03/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




We are currently looking at moving into a 2 bedroom apartment from our 3 bedroom. The main reason is we'd like to live in a better part of town and cannot afford a 3 bedroom anywhere else. I'm really concerned about the logistics of my toddler (2 years) and baby (6 months) sharing a room. They both go to bed at the same time and sometimes they nap at the same time, but my 6 month old is still waking up at night to nurse and quite often I have to let him cry it out to get him to take naps. He is also teething right now and has been up just about every hour at night and screams and screams any time I put him in his crib.

I'm concerned my 2 year old won't get enough sleep because of the baby, he has always been a relly good sleeper and has horrible meltdowns if he doesn't sleep enough. And I'm also worried about my 6 month old being woken up by his brother.

Side note: We have considered letting my 6 month old sleep in the same room as my husband and I until he gets older, but we're afraid when he is sleeping through the night and we are ready to move him in with his brother he will have a very hard time not being in a room with us. I've noticed most babies who co-sleep for extended periods have a very difficult time making the transition.

Does anyone have any experience with 2 young children sharing a room? How did you manage to get through it?


Danielle - posted on 01/03/2011




I would try keeping the crib in the same room as yourself.
As long as your child is still waking up, and is still nursing I wouldn't see it being convenient for him to be sleeping with the toddler anyways.
It may be a problem a year or so down the road, but by then you could make it a game or something. They are having sleep-overs. Or it may not be a problem at all.
I wouldn't risk deviating from your toddlers schedule based on your concerns with co-sleeping down the road.
If you put them in the same room now then you risk having a grumpy toddler, a grumpy baby, and a sleep deprived mummy.


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Laura - posted on 01/03/2011




I don't know what kind of 2 bedroom place you're looking at, but ours has a very large storage room that could be used as a baby's room if we wanted to.

If the baby cries it out in a different room, doesn't the toddler hear it anyway? I know it wouldn't be as loud as in the room, or maybe the toddler could wait to nap until the baby is asleep.
My sister and I shared a room when we were this little, there is 15 months between us, and it must have worked.

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