Round 4 of my daughter using nail polish to paint the tv!

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My 4-year old has now painted our flat screens (one in the living room and the other in MY bedroom) with nail polish, not once, but 4 times! In addition he goes after the walls, carpet and once she even painted her brother while he was sleeping (not fun to remove). I have bought her the Crayola Wonder Paints and she still doesn't "get it". Today she used a stool to climb onto my desk and then reached the top shelf of a cabinet to get the fingernail polish. Spanking doesn't work. Cleaning up her mess doesn't work. Am I supposed to design a painting area for her?

Some might be asking where I am when this is happening. She does these things before 6am while I am sleeping or she gets up after I fall asleep (her brother was painted a bit before midnight). Is it that I am supposed to stay awake until she is asleep Try to wake around 5am before she wakes? HELP! I have run out of ideas!


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Thank you for the idea about the alarm. I had no idea that existed. We have a standard bedtime of 9pm for my 7 yr old and 4 yr old. I stay up until about 10:30p (after all the drink and potty runs are done) and after I hear the snoring I go to bed. My husband wakes between 5:30a-6a and usually all is calm. There are just those rare occasions when my little one wakes up earlier than us or wakes up in the middle of the night and causes chaos. Thank you for the comments. My husband and I have thrown out all nail polish and created a painting area for her in our sunroom. I've started closing her door and the alarm idea gave me the idea to put a wind chime on her door knob. It works. We hear it and wake up. I'm hoping she has learned her lesson this time. I wonder what will be next :)

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it would be best if you could be awake to keep her safe...or you could put a lock on her room which I had to do when my son was two because he got up in the middle of the night regularily to get into mischief...don't spank..she is curious...get a locked container for nailpolish and talk to her about being trustworthy and not touching what isn't hers without permission...say it in a positive and upbeat way...I need you to use your trustworthiness and not touch mommy's things without my permission...what will help you to use your trustworthiness? IT MAY SOUND CORNY TO YOU BUT TRY IT...all the best

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If I were u I would make her clean it off the walls tv etc. UNtil they have to clean up their own mess and realise how hard it is they will keep doing it.

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Monica - posted on 05/28/2010




hi again!! i just wanted to say that i understand that you can't be up at 4am to make sure she doesn't wreck the place!! that is crazy. She needs to learn her boundaries, but if she doesn't, i think that a gate for her door is a good idea, until she learns to listen. Both my kids were in toddler beds at 12 months. They could get out of them obviously if they wanted and they wake up before me OF COURSE!!! They just know to come and get me. We have a good bond and it's almost too bad they want to wake me up right away!!! LOL!! And how can you check to make sure if she's asleep?? Are you supposed to sit there and watch her then poke her and see if she jumps?? I put my kids to bed, shut the door and that's it!! My daughter has a slide in her room for god's sakes... but they know they need mama to be there. I think maybe yours just needs to understand better. Hopefully it will work out with you guys both understanding each other even better!!! ♥

Diane - posted on 05/28/2010




hmm....Strange..don't let your 2 yr old walk around the house with no supervision and Im sure you can find a place to put your nail polish were she wont get it =]

Amanda - posted on 05/27/2010




Im confused why are you sleeping while a 4 year old is awake in the house??? Second, why dont you put the nail polish higher out of her reach. Third do you understand the dangers of a child this young having the run of the house without an adult watching? What if she climbs and turns on the oven? What if she leaves the home? I can think of 100 other things that could go seriously wrong in your home then some flat screen tvs ruined.

So yes set your alarm before your child wakes up, and do not go to sleep until you are sure she is sleeping it is your job as a parent.

Monica - posted on 05/27/2010




yeah i'd make sure she couldn't get to the nail polish at all ever and punish her with a large time out but it's too late for that i guess.... my son did that once, but never again!! i don't think spanking would work, it's way to much attention and reaction. Ignoring is a much better punishment... only for a bit believe me, they get it. I don't know but time-outs work for my son, he's almost 4. I explain to him always what why and all that so that he doesn't think i'm just being mean... does your daughter understand that she is ruining your things that you work to earn money to buy?? Have u sat down and talked to her about it??? And yes what Angie said about her safety, well hopefully u have high latches on your doors!!! :)

Angie - posted on 05/27/2010




I think that the painting of things isn't so much an issue as having a child roam around the house while your sleeping (not blaming you but that's the thing that needs to stop). I think you should stay awake until she is alseep at night, especially if she's getting into this much mischief.

What would be the options to keep her secured in her room overnight? A tall gate? putting her back in a crib with a crib tent? What about closing her door and getting something like these alarms so you can hear when she comes out of her room.

Besides the painting she could get really harmed out wandering around the house alone at night or she could go outside and then who knows what could happen. I think you need to figure out a solution to keep her from roaming the house alone to help keep her safe.

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