Sample 12 month old sleep/feeding schedule

Veronique - posted on 11/15/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )





I am looking for sample 12 month old sleep/feeding schedules. What is your 12 month old's schedule like? If you have twins, I would love to have their schedule as well.

Thank you in advance.



Anita - posted on 11/17/2011




My little guy is 13 mos old. All these times are approximate :)
6-ish a.m. wake up. nurse.
7am breakfast (baby oatmeal + fruit)
9-11am nap
11:30 nurse while I get a SHORT nap ;)
(I would do this immediately when he wakes, but I am getting older kids ready for naps at that time.)
12:00 lunch with me (baby oatmeal again w/ veg. plus finger foods)
3:00-4:30 nap
5:00 supper with family (grind up table tood, plus baby food if needed; sometimes milk/juice in a bottle or sippy cup)
7:00 bedtime routine with family; nurse/read/sing
7:30 in bed for the night.
**he has a sippy water bottle at the change table which he drinks from at almost every diaper change, and sometimes bottles of soymilk if I feel he might be hungry before a nap.

Lise - posted on 11/15/2011




When my daughter was one...

Woke around 7, nursed
8 - breakfast (bagel, scrambled egg, oatmeal, etc - she only ate about 3 tbsp, with water) followed by nursing
930 - small snack
10 - nurse and sleep
1130 - nurse upon waking up
12/1230 - lunch (turkey or chicken meat, avocado, a fruit)
2 - nurse and sleep
4 - nurse upon waking and a snack
7 - dinner (offered what we ate, and offered coconut milk)
730-9: cluster nursing and falling asleep, some time between 8-9 usually

I've never restricted nursing or had any forced schedule, so this is all approximate and she probably nursed more on and off throughout the day.

Ashley - posted on 11/15/2011




my little guy woke up anywhere between 6-7am we cuddle and have a quick bottle/milk. Breakfast before 8, little snack at 10am, then a napfrom 10:30 till 11:45ish, lunch, snack at 2ish nap, up at 3:30 or 4, supper at 6, little snack at 7:30 bed by 8.
it varied alot and now at 16m he has no morning nap :(

[deleted account]

It's been almost 9 years (in a month) since my twins were one, but I'll 'try' to remember... at least approximately.

I would guess that wake up was between 7 and 8....

Breakfast after waking.

Nap (breastfeed here til 13ish months) at 10

Lunch around noonish

Nap (breastfeed here til 13ish months) at 2

Dinner 5 or 6ish

Bed (breastfeed here til 15 months) around 8

They were also waking once or twice a night to nurse, but that stopped around 13-14 months when we started weaning. They dropped the second nap around 16 months which is when the schedule adjusted slightly and they were just napping after lunch.

My son (3.5 now) never had an eating/sleeping schedule.

Kelina - posted on 11/15/2011




she wakes up between 8 and 8:30. Goes straight to have her bum changed, plopped in her highchair and given breakfast adn water. a bottle right before naptime which is at 12. Lunch after nap so usually around 2-2:30, and dinner between 5:30 and 6. She gets another bottle at 8 right before her bedtime routine(bum, jammies, story, teeth) Then we put her to bed and she rolls over and goes to sleep.


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Valeri - posted on 08/12/2012




I have 12 month old girl twins and here is our schedule:

Wake 8 am - bottle of pumped milk (they are off the breast now but I continue to pump)

8-9 play together in our bedroom upstairs

9-930 breakfast waffles/pancakes/cereal/or breakfast bar with egg and fruit

930-10 play in playroom while mommy cleans up and some mommy playtime towards the end

10-1030 bath and brush teeth in bathtub (they LOVE their tooth brushes)

1030-12 morning nap

12 wake and bottle of pumped milk

1230-130 or 2 we go somewhere shopping like target or grocery (somewhere to get out)

2-230 lunch pasta or grilled cheese chicken nuggets etc with peas or yam fries and fruit. Graham crackers or yogurt drops for snack

230-245 play in playroom while mommy cleans up

245-330 tot lot down the street playing in sand or running around or swinging

330-5 afternoon nap

5 pm wake and bottle of breast milk

5-6 play upstairs in bedroom or in playroom while mommy makes dinner

6-630pm dinner often leftovers from lunch

630-8 play in playroom or go to park again (we live in southern California so it is always nice out)

8 pm last bottle of pumped milk

8-830 bedtime jammies and play with daddy if he got home in time for bed

830 bed

I also give an ounce or two of whole milk at meals and an early morning feeding (between 5-6 am) of formula. Not wanting to pump or warm bottles that early! Hoping to cut that feeding out soon (cross fingers!)

Heather - posted on 11/17/2011




One to two naps a day, depending on child. Breakfast, sometimes a nap, lunch, nap, snack, dinner, bed.

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