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Jessica - posted on 10/27/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




My girl, Elaine, is 5 this year and she refuses school. My husband and I have tried a thousands of method but, failed. The teacher have advised us to just bring her into school physically and see if it works but I'm troubling whether if I should do that, please give me some suggestions. However, there isn't any specific reason, she said she just dowsnt want to leave me.


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Amy - posted on 10/30/2013




My sons first year of full day schooling (first grade) I put my son on the bus every morning crying for the first 3 months. It broke my heart but like Michelle said she has to go to school for the next 12 years, staying home shouldn't even be an option. Take her in, pass her off to the teacher or assistant and turn around and walk away. Otherwise you potentially could face criminal charges if she misses too many days of school. My son has anxiety and will tell me he is sick to stay home, unless it's something I can visibly see I send him anyway and tell him if he really doesn't feel good to go see the nurse. You know how many times I've had to pick him up? 0! School is important and shouldn't even be an option.

Michelle - posted on 10/30/2013




I agree with Danica, she is in a power struggle with you and you are allowing it to happen by backing down.
The teacher is right, take her to school. She has to go to school for the next 12 years or more so she better get used to it.
Talk to her and make it sound fun, let her know that she's going to learn so many new things.

Danicia - posted on 10/29/2013




it sounds like your daughter wants control over where she goes and is in a power struggle with you. I think the most effective response would be to take her to school, give her to the count of three to get in her classroom/the school then assist her to the classroom/school if she continues to refuse. i'm guessing this is her first year in full day school (if not first year in school) and the change of pace may just be something she doesn't prefer however she's five, she goes to school. end of story.

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