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Hello! My son is 2 years old and 4 months. At his 2 year old check up our Peds he referred our son to a Early Childhood center to get help with speech. He was evaluated by a group of specialist in all areas (speech therapist, nurse, occupational therapist, social worker, and a special ed teacher). After the evaluation it was decided that the special ed teacher would meet with him once a week and the speech therapist would meet with him once a month. The special ed teacher keeps saying he is developmentally delayed. My son rolled over at 3 months, crawled at 9 months, and walked at 14 months. His main delay is speech. He talks A LOT but it's in his own language. No one knows what he is saying but he sure seems too. There is a pattern to what he's saying it just isn't clear to us. He also has a lot of expression when he's talking or just anything he is doing, He's a great kid who's always happy. Temper tantrums are usually only 5 minutes but longer ones do occur from time to time. Everything I've researched says delays are more than just speech which is really the only delay I've noticed. He is also delayed socially. He wasn't really around other kiddos a lot until he was 1, so, I feel like it's just something he isn't used to. I'm not sure if I'm just making stuff up to make myself feel better or if there really is something wrong with him. We have seen a lot of progress lately, Just wanting some opinions from other moms who might be able to help!


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Early Childhood is good, but maybe discussing it with your doctor might be a good idea too....I know doc referred you, but maybe going further into discussion with him/her might help give you insight from someone different. I am sure Early Childhood did this, but it might be worth having another check of his hearing. It is great he is getting help now. That is HUGE in what progress he can make. Just because he is delayed now may or may not mean he will be delayed later. I know it is hard, but my biggest thing is to keep an open mind. Some people like to be quick to add a label where others are VERY slow to find the problem. I think both ways hurt the child. So keep an open mind and know that you are your child's best advocate. If there are delays the best thing for your child is to get the help he needs. If there are labels added too quickly the best thing for your child is to keep pushing past those labels. I used to watch a little boy that had speech problems. I started to notice it when he was around 2 yrs old. It took his parents awhile to admit it, so by time they connected with Early Childhood he was close to 3 yrs old. Early Childhood then held their feet in getting services started, so he missed out on some of the needed services because he aged out of that service. Then doctors did not do their job....the parents went to a hearing specialist and he said sometimes boys just talk later. Well he is now 5 yrs old and just got a hearing aid! Imagine what and where he would be if he had that hearing aid when he was 2 yrs old!

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