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Does anyone's kid has febrile seizures? I could use some advice. My daughter is 2 1/2 and has had them since she was 10 months but they seem to be getting worse. anything I could do to try to help them stop? she has been sick for almost 3 weeks straight thanks


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Talk to your doctor about ways to help control your child's fever. Know the proper dosage for fever-reducing medication, especially if your child is growing rapidly. Doctors do not usually prescribe anticonvulsant medication for febrile seizures.

Keep your child's fever below 102 degrees F. Most febrile seizures occur above this temperature.

Take your child's temperature regularly if they are showing other signs of illness. Most febrile seizures occur on the first day of the fever, so it's better to identify a fever early and start fever-reducing medication.

Give your child medication to reduce the fever. Write down the last time you gave the medicine and give another dose at the prescribed time. This prevents the fever from shooting up when the medicine wears off.

Place your child in tepid water to control a fever. Wet towels with room-temperature water and place them under the child's arm pits, on the forehead and behind the neck.

Tips & Warnings

Most febrile seizures occur between ages 6 months to 3 years and occurrences are rare after age 5.

Once your child has had one febrile seizure he is likely to have another. Talk to your doctor about what factors contribute to recurring febrile seizures.

Never put cold water or ice packs on a child with a fever. A sudden drop in fever can also trigger a febrile seizure.

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