Separation anxiety? Suggestions?

Kirsten - posted on 05/31/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 3 year old son won’t leave me alone for example: If he overwhelming me I will ask him to please go in the other room and watch TV but he refuses. I had food poisoning and was in the bathroom and begged him to just go in the other room cause I wasn’t feeling well and he wouldn’t. Another one was he accidentally hit me in the face with plastic beads and I needed him to get away from me cause I didn’t want to hit him when it was an accident. He did leave in this instance but started screaming and crying hysterically and had to have my mother comfort him. He won’t do it as much when his dad is at him but still does it. When he doesn’t leave it makes me mad and that’s why I’m asking him to give me a break in the first place. I can’t even put him in his room for a time out without him throwing a fit. Does anyone know what to do? I’ve tried explaining it to him, but it makes no difference. I’m very stressed out over it.


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Gracie - posted on 06/03/2013




He seems very insecure. Perhaps you could do a little reassurance to let him know he is safe.

I am wondering, is he a C-section baby? That is one common symptom for it.

I am using this technique called Sleep Talk For Children. It is a great way to reassure kids via their subconscious mind. I am going through Skype sessions with my therapist in Malaysia. Her name is Joyce. Its really a blessing to my family.

Lori - posted on 06/02/2013




My kids are just like this too. My 5 year old will now sometimes leave the room when asked without crying. My 2 1/2 yr old won't even leave, and if I take her to a different room and tell her to stay she goes into hysterics.

At the age of 3 they don't understand needing personal space from Mom, and they don't understand the need for privacy. About that age I started asking my older daughter to let me have privacy in the bathroom sometimes. And when an incident did occur, I'd talk to her about it later and tell her that mommy told her to get out because mommy needed a time out so mommy could calm down.

If you want him to go in the other room and watch TV, you may need to walk in there with him, and get him settled in with a program he likes. Rather than just expecting him to go into the other room himself. By next year maybe you can expect him to go in there by himself.

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