sepration anxiety in a 3 1/2 yr old.

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My daughter goes to preschool one day a week on wednesdays. her nana takes her and has since it started (dad and i both work) She did wonderful the many first weeks except now that her brother has been here for the last cpl of wednesdays she says she has to pee and comes out crying. now the mothers/grand-mothers, whoever takes them must stay there just in a different room the only time they come out is to pee and at lunch time. school is from 9 to 2. She dont really have to pee, she just wants to see if we are still there. At night time she is now "afraid of her room" she wont sleep in it she only will sleep with us. i have tried to sleep with her, let her fall asleep with us then take her to her room she scream bloody murder when she gets up, i have put her brother's bassinet in her room because she said she wanted him there, and ive also tried repeatedly to take her from our room to hers and after 2hrs i gave up. any suggestion on what to do for her.


Erica - posted on 04/01/2012




It sounds to me like she's afraid she is being replaced. Like you are going to drop her off and not come back, or she is going to go to sleep and you guys will be gone. Maybe have a Mother/Daughter day just you or your husband and her. My daughter kind of started this. Only she was throwing fits and acting out when my son was born and we started reminding her how important she is to us. And that we love her as much as wwe always have.

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