She not eat every morning and vomit

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Everyday im always fighting 2 and half yrs old even her mommy saying please eat your food .she don't want to eat every morning after get up and nausea until she get vomit even very tiny i give food still dont like .Everyday she go to school empty her stomach or she ask Gerber in the bus her mom give 5 to 7pieces of Gerber . her rotation
11am -woke up and supposedly eat food and dress up go even in the school she refusing food comes from school they gave even try to taste after she tasted she said i don't like and put it back in her plate
4:30pm - she got home and hungry sometimes half of plate she eat or 3/4 normal size of plate she finish her food
5:15pm -give nap sometimes 1 1/2 or 2 hrs
7:30pm- need to feed her milk 6oz or almost 7oz
9:30- 10pm --need to eat again
11:30pm -before she go to bed drink milk sometimes she finish or half of bottle she finish

That's instruction her mommy/my employer to me
I just followed only even wrong system time for normal children schedule

Shift her mommy 1am to 10pm
She feed milk 1 and 1/2 bottle during her shift or sometimes 2bottle .

Her milk not lukewarm and she feed cold milk and not fresh even put in the refrigerator still not fresh . I tell already she said to me they said the doctor you make milk warm you can put refrigerator but cold milk is not good for baby.

What I can do ?

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