should a HEAD START TEACHER make a 3-4yr old child clean her own pee?

Jelys08 - posted on 03/26/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter is gonna b 4, she is in Head start she has been potty trained since 14months and has did great never had accidents until she started head start then she started with having accidents twice a day. everyday i pick her up nobody understood why i would question the teachers and nothing I sensed frustrations in the teachers voices with my daughter asking a lot to use the bathroom, i was feeling very uncomfortable to say something cuss i don't want them to treat my daughter different, but now i pick my daughter and the TEACHER tells me well Mrs____ your daughter had an accident one time and we changed her then the second time she never even asked and she sat there and pee on herself so I made her put gloves on and take napkins and clean her cott! So i stayed quiet i tried asking my daughter in front of her and she would avoid answering me so i leave with her and start talking to my daughter and asked in a playful voice what happened mama why didn't you ask Mrs. ____ to use the bathroom and she said because she told me i cant and i use the bathroom to much so i did peep on my COTT, then i said aww my mama so what happened she said MRS.____ yelled at me and said here put these gloves on and grab napkins and clean your cott. MY QUESTION IS WHAT CAN I DO CAN THE TEACHER DO THAT?? HELP PLEASE I FEEL VERY UNCOMFORTABLE FOR MY DAUGHTER TO BE IN THAT CLASS ROOM... PLEASE HELP


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I worked with Head Start for about 7 years. This is unacceptable and should be reported. You need to start with the Administrator and go from there. I know for certin this type of behavior is not accepted at Head Start.All I can say is she's lucky it wasn't my kid!

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This is totally NOT ok! This "teacher" has scared your daughter into not wanting to ask to go to the bathroom. Its not ok at all. If she has to go, no matter how many times she has to go..she should be aloud to! This so called " teacher" should be reported! I also believe your daughter shouldnt of had to clean up the mess, its the teachers fault that this happened. I would change headstarts, if I were you I would have her reported, tell her what I think about her ( in not a nice kind of way) and bring my child somewhere that she feels safe and can trust the teachers.

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Wow. To me, that is uncalled for, I would be asking to speak with the management or the Federal Office of Head Start. I wouldn't be taking my daughter back to that Head Start, find another one in your area or go through a churches preschool program. It seems like your daughter isn't comfortable there either.


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Rebekah - posted on 03/26/2012




Some kids do have to pee more and the teacher just needs to be more understanding. I can understand if the child is known for asking to go to the bathroom just to "get out" of the class and not really go, but you can usually tell the difference.

Personally, I would firmly tell the teacher that when she has to go to the bathroom, they let her go, no ands, ifs, or buts about it. If they have a problem with that, then I would report it. They cannot stop your child form going to the bathroom, not to mention it's not good that she HOLDS her pee either until she has an accident.

As for is it OK for a 3/4 year old to clean their own pee? I have made my son do it. Especially if he chose to wait too long and when he got to the bathroom he peed all over the floor instead of in the potty. I didn't yell at him or scold him. But I did make it clear to him that he needed to go when he first gets the urge to go and then I made him clean up the pee all over the floor and then wash his hands. That's just the responsible thing to do.

But I don't think it was right for her to have to clean her own cot in this situation because the teacher has actually put a fear in her to NOT ask to go to the bathroom. Totally uncalled for.

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