Should I be worried?

Medi - posted on 03/18/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




I apologize if this ends up being too long. I have a beautiful 20 month old son who was born 4 weeks early. He has always been on track with all of his developmental milestones except now. My son does not talk at all! He does no attempt to say any words. He does however babble like crazy nonstop. I honestly didn't know his lack of communication was an issue until I saw a video of my friends niece who is also 20 months old. She was speaking in full sentences! Another issue is he cannot follow directions or commands. When I attempt to give him a command it's as if he doesn't hear, but I'm guessing that this is because he just doesn't understand. If he wants something he points or makes a hand gesture towards whatever it is that he needs. He also does the same thing if he needs my help with something. He only attempts to imitate certain things I do such as combing my hair or using the remote. If I try to play with him he completely ignores me. However, if I chase him or play peek a boo he completely engages with me. He's extremely social and will smile and wave to new people that I introduce him to. He does occasionally walk on his tip toes but it's only once in a while. He does not answer to his name regardless of how many times I call him. I've wondered whether or not this is due to him having multiple nick names but I still think calling his name should be grasping his attention. Most recently he has started to spin around a bit when he is watching tv. When he does watch tv he laughs at funny things the characters do and imitate and interact with whatever they are telling him to do. If I walk out of the room he freaks out and screams and follows me. He loves crawling up and down stairs. A part of me thinks he's okay but then another part of me feels like I'm in denial. Should I be worried? I almost forgot to add that he does swing his arms back and fourth occasionally.


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