should I be worried?

Crystal - posted on 01/15/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter is 3. She started acting different with in the past 2 months. Shes been scared of doing anything alone in the house. She will not go in a room alone, the bathroom, anywhere. Ita only at night time. She is terrified if I turn the lights off, even if my other daughter, her father and I are in the same room. She points at the dark and says she is scared if it. She tells me she sees monsters "big scary monsters" witch I figured kids will b kids, but then shs started telling me she sees green eyes that glow and they look at her. ?? So I felt scared for her cause I couldnt do anything to really help. She just comes up with these stories on how the guy woke her up cause he washed his hands in the kitchen and is sleeping in my room. She cries very hard when I turn the lights off even if im holding her tight telling her theres nothing there. Just seems to be getting worse and worse. Also around the same time she started being scared, my one year old hates being in her room alone. She hates sleeping in her crib and will flop her self out the molment she wakes up and crawls in bed with me. Should I be concerned? I just dont understand.


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Amie - posted on 01/20/2013




This is the age they really get their imaginations going, and if they're seeing things on tv like that, then they think it's real. Limit what she can watch, if it's that, or eliminate the "scary" books for now. My son went through this, but then was also scared of the shadows from the night light. Try to explain her imagination to her and seeif that helps.

Deanna - posted on 01/17/2013




My daughter was about that age when the monsters starting invading her room. We tried everything. A night light (works well, but still the monsters came), ignoring it, telling her monsters don't exist. What finally worked? We would go in her room when she was scared and we would "scare" the monsters away. We would yell (yelling was the only way it would "scare" the monsters) "Booga booga booga". That would work. She would calm down. We then taught her how to scare them herself. After a few months, there were no more monsters. I don't know if that was the right thing to do, but it gave us sleep again and she learned that she was in control of the monsters.

Sara - posted on 01/15/2013




I think first I would try and make bedtime a bit more relaxed by playing with a toy on her bed and reading some books together. This might make her feel more relaxed in her room before being left in it.
What about playing making shadows with your hands on the wall. One of my children started saying they saw things in the dark and that's why we done shadow making. I also turned out the light and we spoke about what our eyes could see in the dark while we sat and had a cuddle. He said about a monster or something and so we turned the light on to see what it actually was. We done this a few times so that he got used to the darkness and could see that his eyes were tricking him.

I know she's 3 yrs now but do you have a light that could cause a distraction as she lays there in bed. Example: something like a fibre optic light that changes colours, or an air purifier (they make a little bit of background noise and also shine a light in the water that changes colour as it swirls the water round). In my children's bedrooms they all have fairly bright night lights in their plug sockets in case they get up in the night and also it's a comfort for them that they are not in complete darkness.
What about going out and getting glow in the dark wall/ceiling stickers like stars with her. Maybe the excitement of using these at bedtime will help her to forget about being scared. If you get the glow stickers what about getting her to dot them about her room. I done this with one of my children and it worked. We put glow in the dark stars all round his room and he used to lay looking at them before going to sleep. He was about the same age.
Try putting a toy figure on her bed, a fairy or something "that keeps all bad things away when she sleeps" ;-)
I think that the 1 yr old has just picked up on the commotion and the fear your 3 yr old has about being in their room. You probably just need to get her back into her crib and settled again otherwise this will become a routine with sleeping in your bed in the middle of the night if that's when she's waking. If she's coming straight into you when she wakes in the morning she's probably just at that age that she's looking forward to seeing someone in the morning and takes comfort in coming and having cuddles with you :-)
I hope this helps somehow and that your daughter gets over this fear, I'll look back at some point and see if you've posted how you are getting on. Good Luck!

DaMesha - posted on 01/15/2013




My son is the same way..I think it's the cartoons they watch and their imagination run with it.. I just I just keep telling my son "it's okay" "your a big boy". She will be's just a stage like everything else :)...Hope this helped

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