Should my two year old watch TV?

Jacquelyn - posted on 07/03/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm a busy mom, much like all of you! Sometimes, I need to keep my busy two year old occupied so I can get stuff done. She's pretty good when I sit her in front of the tv, she can stay there for up to two hours! Is this ok? It's not on a daily basis. Also, any shows you can recommend? She likes Scooby Doo and the Magic School Bus.


Teresa - posted on 07/07/2013




Hey, we all have things to do and babies to occupy. My 17 month old LOVES ELmo and Sesame STreet. He likes music sso Yo Gabba Gabba keeps him interested. I either play vidoes for him orc hoose channels without commercials. (If you have oldre kids you'll understand reasoning for this). I see nothing wrong with this. He gets plenty of one-on-one with not only me but his older brother, dad, and other adults in his life. DOn't beat yourself up. TV is here to stay.

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