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Joice - posted on 06/21/2017 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son is 2.5 years old. He's never been to a daycare and has no other siblings. My mom is his sitter while I'm at work. When I take him to the playground, he wants me to follow him around the entire time. He sometimes plays a little but is scared to do things on his own. He also is very shy and gets even more scared when another child comes near him. At home he is playful and rambunctious. Any ideas on what to do? Ps-he has hit all his developmental goals. He talks, makes eye contact, counts, knows letters, pretend plays, etc. is this normal? All I see at the playground are playful kids who don't seem afraid of anything.


Michelle - posted on 06/22/2017




I posted in your other thread so I will just paste it here:

He needs to be around other children. Maybe look into putting him into daycare, even if it is just 1 or 2 days a week. He needs to learn to socialize and deal with other children. It will help him for when he goes to school. He will learn how to negotiate (in their own way) with other children about sharing toys and playing nicely together.

Abigail - posted on 06/21/2017




Hi Joice :) I can relate to your post. The difference is that I have a daughter. My mom also takes care of her while we are at work. I think we have to expose them a little bit more with other kids. We are planning to enrol her in a summer camp. Also it will be great if he can see you talk to other kids too. Like properly introduce your son to other kids - this will give him assurance that you know the kids and he can play with them. Sooner or later he will develop and improve his social skills. Just give him time.


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DC - posted on 06/22/2017




All good ideas and I agree. He just needs time around other children. All he has seen is adults and they are quite different! Take him out, let him find his way with other children and the idea of introducing them first is great. Be creative, he is fine. And you’re a great mom. Best wishes.

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