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sippy cup dilema

Celita - posted on 05/06/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




my son (17 months) refuses to drink milk from a sippy cup. he's down to two bottles a day and when he sees milk going into his special sippy cup he wont drink it. he'll drink everything else but not milk. i cant even get him to drink it out of a regular glass. any suggestions?


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Dawn - posted on 10/26/2010




Wean him on to one bottle at night first then maybe trying a sippy cup with a soft mouth piece maybe the way to start and introduce it as his big boys bottle
it might be the texture of the cup in his mouth then get rid of the bottle some times out of sight is out of mind

Stephanie - posted on 10/24/2010




try doing milk and formula in a sippy starting with more formula at 2st then workking down to where it is just milk. it worked for my 12 month old. hope it does for you too

Pauline - posted on 10/22/2010




my neice was and is the same way, hey mom and i was trying to get her away from bottles all together at 1 and her granny kept w the bottles, we got her the ones that have the handles on both sides and the drinking part is rubber kinda like a bottle nipple and she went real well on that but once more teeth came it we had to get them harder couse she tryed to chew the rubber nipple. we kept asking her and pretent to drink out of it and play with the sippey, she only like things we ate or drank and so we did the milk in the sippy and she threw it down when we gave it to her but we just kept with it, and soon enough it worked.

Heather - posted on 10/22/2010




why not just give him a big boy cup? just ditch the bottles so you don't have that to fall back on and maybe he will not drink milk for acouple days but he will be fine. Both my kids were drinking only water in sippys by thir 1st birthday and anything else was drunk at the table with a reg glass. every kid is diff but it worked fine with us, we started with a shot glass so it was easy to hold then moved on to a reg small glass (tempered glass so if it got chucked it would not break)). Also my kids transitioned from breastmilk to soy milk (easier to digest and tastes more like mommas milk-vanilla flavored) and really did not drink cows milk till they were closer to 3 or so (my 3 yr old is still primarily on soy but my 7 yr old drinks both, whichever he grabs out of the fridge :o) Good luck!

Kylie - posted on 10/22/2010




Yes i have just been through the same delima and i have now finally jumped that hurdle.My daughter was the same i tried when she was 12mths old dropped two bottles after lunch and after t and she wasnt interested i continued doing this offering it and finally i can say the last 2 weeks when she is 14months old now we are drinking out of a sipper some milk not much mayb 1/4 but i offer her cheese and custard and yoghurt to make up the 6ooml of milk products they require! So keep persisting!!! It works

[deleted account]

maybe try a sippy cup that is more like a bottle- you can find sippy cups that have only one hole, and that the child has to "suck" on to get the milk. Once he is used to that, then try a one-hole sippy cup with free flow. You can increase the flow by moving up to two or three holes as needed.

Jeneva - posted on 08/20/2010




My daughter hated whole milk from the beginning but since she ate really well (meaning a balanced diet) and ate a TON of whole milk yogurt we didn't worry and neither did her pedi. She finally starting liking it at 2 yrs old. To help with the fat content (she has always been small) we would make smoothies from whole milk and yogurt and she loved them. So you could always try that.

Jade - posted on 08/20/2010




my daughter was the same at the same age she started to refuse milk completely so i let her drink weak cordial or water and it all works the same because she gets milk throgh cereal and other forms. every child is different my girl was ready and ate a really good dieat so she didnt actually need the milk. i wouldnt worry too much he will grow out of having milk all together eventually

Ashley - posted on 05/06/2010




When I tried to transition my son from the bottle & formula to a sippy & whole milk, he wouldn't drink it either. He would drink anything else from his sippy, but if I put milk in he'd take a sip, then throw his cup down. What worked for me is mixing some milk with his formula. I'd put some formula in his cup & add a little milk, & continuously decreased the amount of formula & increased the amount of milk! I'd say after a week and a half he was drinking milk! Hope you find something that works for you! Good luck!

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