Sis-In-Law mean to my son...

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I have a son just a few days shy of 3. He's sweet and smart... and also, he's almost 3 -so he's prone to temper tantrums and whining when he's tired. I don't think he's a brat, nor do I think his outbursts are abnormal or troubling. We correct/redirect him during these outbursts ending them quickly. Most of the time, he's a joy to be around. Here's the problem... my sister-in-law.

She calls him names and is ugly to him. She doesn't try to hide her feelings about my son at all. I just don't get it. At first, when she said he was brat and didn't listen... I took it as an attack of my parenting skills and dismissed it. He was 10 months old at the time and she was frustrated that he "had to be entertained" all the time. But now, when we're at a family gathering and I ask him to do something simple - like to throw something in the trash - she rolls her eyes and says "oh like that's a great idea". Like he's so stupid he can't do that simple task??? Which by the way he did what was asked of him with no hesitation. The last time this happened, I was not around, but my husband (her brother) got in to an argument with her. Definitely not handled the best way with the shouting(and they have not spoken since this incident a month ago), but he was frustrated and hurt that she continues to belittle our son. My son has no idea she's being hateful - but my husband and I, their parents and grandparents have all seen this behavior and addressed it.

So here are my questions/dilemmas: His birthday is a few days away, do we invite her and my neice? Do we simply cut her out altogher? (We already minimize time our children spend around her because of her attitude) What causes an adult to act that way towards a child? Or am I over-reacting to the whole thing??? Advice appreciated.


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I would not invite her to the party this time. I want her to know that we are upset with her behavior and let her know about her boundaries.

I won't tolerate anyone acting mean to my child.

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