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Ok, this is not my baby I am worried about, it is my niece, but would still appreciate some inputs as my mother, brother and sis-in-law are at their wits end..I figured that some toddler moms out there has faced this kind of battle before! Her mom and dad both work full day and she stays with her gran (my mom) from about 7 in the morning until being picked up around six in the evening. She is eleven months old and she basically doesn't like sleeping, ever since her birth it has been a constant struggle to get her to sleep. She is generally a good baby, nothing out of the ordinary and right on schedule with her development tasks. She wakes constantly throughout the night and will often go through an entire day with maybe one 30 minute nap at around one in the afternoon,from say 'officially' waking up at five in the morning; When she does sleep she is restless and wakes very easily, say an aeroplane passing or a neighbour's dog starting to bark will all have her up in a flash, no amount of patting or shhhh'ing will get her back to sleep. My brother suffers from 'restless legs syndrome' (he is constantly moving about, he can physically not sit or stand still and paces constantly) - my mom and I have been wondering if maybe his daughter could be suffering from it too, the uncomfortable sensations in her legs causing her to be restless and not allowing her to 'settle down'. If anyone has had an experience similar to this, either restless legs or simply a baby that wouldn't sleep, you're feedback will be much appreciated!


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Inflammation is believed to be a key factor when it comes to Restless Legs Syndrome. A new study was published in the January 14, 2012 issue of "Sleep Medicine Review Journal" that supports this theory. You can read that study here:

You can view the results of other related scientific studies and learn about some helpful solutions at this RLS information website:

A blog for RLS sufferers with helpful tips can be found here:

An essential element is a proper diet that avoids as many inflammatory foods as possible. Unfortunately most of the good tasting foods are inflammatory.

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