.smy jusr turned 4 year old cant start school until aug of 2014. she'll be 5. and a half. I think thats WAY to late. anybody from las vegas nv know a loop hole. she a very intelligent little girl. just want her to get the best. any way to get scholarship to private schools? she knows how to spell her name. she knows abc'S Knows the sounds.. she writes VERY well. knows her vowels. knows her number past a hundred. can count by 2 5 and 10s. she knows her months day seasons. knows how to spell a bunch of. words. she sings songs to spell words. cat cat c a t cat cat c a t meow meow she knows her planets. she knows 7 continents. she does a 60 piece puzzle of the 50 states. within a month she memorized all her states. she'll say georgia alabama Mississippi with funny accent that I thought her in. shw knows her coins and what they're worth. she loves the sign time show on pbs. she knows her colors. she knows deoxiginated blood is blue then when oxygen hits it it becomes red. she knows life cycle of butterfly and frog. we make books (welk she wrires and draws pics) (u telk her what to write) but books l8ke


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