Something Seriously Wrong With My Son?

Krystle - posted on 11/17/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm at my wits end. My wonderful little 2 year old son is a gem...when we are at home. Sure, he throws some fits when he doesn't get what he wants. He's 2. I'm not expecting perfectly behaved. However, he has an extreme anxiety of being trapped. Again, I'm not too shocked by this, EXCEPT, it's out of control. He doesn't want to be strapped into anything. Won't sit in a booster seat. Throws a fit about the car seat EVERY SINGLE TIME we get in the car.

But it's more than that. I have him enrolled in a community center class. The ENTIRE TIME he tries to get out of the gym doors. When I DO finally get him motivated to stay, he won't involve himself in any kind of structured play. In fact, he finds what he wants to do, does it, and will not listen to anyone about playing where the other kids are.

Errands with him are impossible. On top of flat out refusing to be strapped into the cart (he's a LITTLE better with the stroller, but only in how long he'll tolerate it), if my husband and I let him out to walk, he will NOT walk with us. He runs around everywhere with no regard to what's around him or if we are even following him. He tries to find the exits of the stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and would fully run directly into on coming traffic without a care in the world. It seems the only thing he will NOT do is sit still for ANY amount of time when we are in public, nor follow a single direction in public.

Like I say, at home, I can get him to sit with me a play quietly (for a certain amount of time). I can get him to follow directions, and I can distract him from what's upset him. When we leave the house. NO WAY! I don't see how this can be normal because I've NEVER seen another kid behave as poorly as David in public. Of if they do, it's got to be an occasional occurrence. Not EVERY SINGLE TIME.

We take him to a speech therapist and she said she was concerned about his inability to console himself even when he is feeling "trapped". She said most children can "get over it" by being offered other things they like. No so with David. I'm very worried.

On the whole he's a social, happy, loving kid. But he turns mean, angry, spiteful when he's feeling "trapped" in public. Anyone else have this problem? Solutions? Guidance? I've got a new baby on the way (next week) and it's going to make things worse, I fear!


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Marlayna - posted on 01/18/2014




have you had him screened for autism?? my son had the exact same "issues" and was diagnosed with asd at 2 and a of luck I hope u find answers :)

LalaBoom - posted on 11/22/2013




It could be you're having him do things he simply does not want.

I used this trick with my stepdaughter because she HATED WITH A PASSION to be strapped to anything: I taught her how to buckle herself and made it a "wow" thing. She eventually got the hang of it. Now all we do is put her in the seat and she'll go for it herself! No fuss, no problems.

As for the errands, he's 2y/o, he WILL run around "with no regard..." He's a child, its what they do. My stepdaughter used to do the same- its just him trying to play. When you are running errands, he isn't going to like being dragged around to places that have no interest to him. To imply that he must be organized all the time is too much pressure for a 2y/o. Maybe you can leave him with hubby or someone you trust instead of bringing him along.

When it comes to the community classes, maybe he simply doesn't like them. He IS a person with his own tastes, likes/dislikes. Maybe you can just watch him for a while and cater structure play to what DOES interest him.

Hope that helps!

User - posted on 11/19/2013




it sounds like he has Aspergers they feel safer at home and HATE to be confined, and they do have no regards to whats around them also some can't play well with others they do better one on one , i would look into it i know it sounds bad but if he does it theres ways to help him IF he gets the help as soon as you can find out and not wait cause you dont want to deal with what others will say i know this cause i have someone in my family thats doing this

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