Son considered underweight?

Brooke - posted on 07/17/2012 ( 12 moms have responded )




Yesterday at my son's 1 year check up our ped ordered blood work to check my son's thyroid. He weighs 19 lbs 9 oz and had gained 1 lb since his 9 month check up. He is developing well physically and mentally hitting all of his milestones but I am so terrified over this! Has anyone else had this happen or have a child that is on the lower end of the spectrum weight-wise? Help!!! : (


Bernadette - posted on 07/22/2012




at my son's 6 month check up, he was so far under weight that he wasn't even on the percentile chart at all - he was way off below the bottom line! The doctor made me freak out about it, saying that he should be having 3 solid meals a day (hello, he was only 6 months - I had only just started trying to introduce him to tiny bits) and she made out it was so serious and I was scared and went home and tried to force feed him. He just wasn't interested in solids at all. He wouldn't touch them and screamed if I tried to give it to him. By the next day I had calmed down enough to realise that he was healthy. He was active, happy and meeting all of his milestones on a par with all the other babies his age. He was attempting to crawl at this stage, so obviously he was strong enough. There was nothing wrong with him at all (other than the fact that he had bad tonsilitis and is it any wonder that he didn't want to eat solid food? Seriously, who wants to eat when they've got a sore throat, and it must be worse for a baby who has never had anthing that wasn't in liquid form before?) I also looked at my own family history. I was a skinny baby. One of my sisters in particular was also such a skinny baby that the child health nurses used to regularly instruct my mum to take her straight to the doctor because there must be something wrong. The doctor would always roll his eyes and say "what have they sent you here for this time?" My dad is a bean pole! So I stopped panicking and just put the food in front of him each day and let him play with it. I'd offer him one spoonful first, and when he'd reject it I'd just let him play and tiny bits would eventually make their way into his mouth. One day, I offered him the spoonful, as always, and he shocked me by not only opening his mouth but actually leaning forward to take it! I thought it must have been a mistake, and that he'd not meant to do it. I offered him a second one, thinking he'd reject it for sure but he ate that too. And the next one and the next one. He ended up polishing off more than half of what was in the bowl. He was 8 months old. He hasn't stopped eating since! He is actually a real pig, eats anything and everything in sight, even if he's only just finished something. When we go out I always take an insulated lunch bag with us, and he brings it to me and throws it on my lap demanding food from it! He is 15 months old now, and had been eating non stop since he was 8 months. And guess what? He is still off the bottom of the percentile chart. He is just a skinny kid, and I think he always will be. Last time he went to the doctor was for his 12 month check up (different doctor, one who is a little more level headed) and I mentioned his weight issues. The doctor looked at him and told me that he "passes the eye test". In other words, he looks healthy. His skin has good colour, his eyes are bright, lips nice and red (not pasty), etc. And still meeting all of his milestones. He was just getting ready to walk at that stage. He is very active, and I guess he has a fast metabolism.

What's your son like with those things? You said he's developing well physically and mentally and hitting his milestones. But is he active? Happy? Look healthy? If so, I wouldn't panic too much. Also look at your family history (and that of the baby's father). Are there skinny genes there? Some kids are just skinny and it doesn't necessarily mean that there is anything wrong. Of course, have the tests that your doctor ordered, as I'm no doctor and your son's situation may not be the same as mine. Just trying to help you to not worry so much, since worrying won't actually help. And also, people tend to think that if the doctor is concerned then it must be worst case scenario. As I mentioned, the doctor who brought it up with my son made me panic! She made it seem like he was so unwell and that it was serious, and told me we would have to come back for weekly weigh-ins. The following week when I came back, it was to a different doctor (same clinic) and he was much more level-headed about it all. He said that yes, it could be concerning that he was so underweight, but mentioned then that he seemed otherwise healthy and meeting all of his milestones and said it was most likely nothing to worry about. He had me come back once, a couple of weeks later, and then said I didn't need to come again for another month. So sometimes it depends on the doctor too, as to how much you worry unnecessarily. I've since heard from other people that the first doctor does tend to jump to worst case scenarios fairly quickly, and they've all left for another doctor after spending time worrying that there was something seriously wrong with their children only to find out that the tests came back clear.

Michelle - posted on 07/20/2012




my son has been like that since he was 1 year old also.. He is in perfect health.. The doctors sent us too specials and they could not find anything. My son is just a very active boy!!! He is going on 4 now and still just as healthly!!! I really Hope this helps!!

Megan - posted on 07/18/2012




my daughter just turned one she weights not quite 17 lbs and actually lost a couple ounces since her last checkup dr was not concerned at all her milestones were met and she is happy healthy baby. She told me that there weight will slow alot of times at that age because of their increased activity. My babies are just small tho I guess my son is also 3 and just barely 30 lbs has always been tiny and dr. is also not concerned we do give him vitamins Not sure if this will help but just my personal expierence.


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Casey - posted on 09/19/2012




My son is on the small side. He was 20lbs 10oz 31.5" at his one year and 23 lbs 32"at his 18month. Hard to believe that he was 9lbs 3oz at birth(90th percentile) 21" and his growth has slowed so much now that he is only in the 10 percentile for weight/30 percentile for height. I think kids grow at different rates and that is ok, but if his dr is concerned it's better to get things checked out.

Janessa - posted on 07/22/2012




I would not worry, when they start moving around a lot more, they might not gain a lot at first. My little girl was only 19 pounds and under too at her last checkup, and I took her in at 14 months not a year. My oldest was 20 at her 1 yr. My doctor just said make sure she's eating. He wasn't too worried about it, considering she's my 4th I wasn't either. If they are healthy and active, and happy chances are pretty good nothing is wrong. I think some doctors are just following protocol to be on the safe side.

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Well my daughter is 1 year old and just shy of 20 pounds, proportionate, chubby, and has continually gained weight. They did a CBC just as a standard test to check her out and it showed low iron, so I'm trying to balance her diet and they plan to check again at her next well visit. I don't think weight alone should be enough to cause concern, but luckily blood work really isn't any big deal to your child, once the needle prick is over. So it's just important that you don't worry too much until there is something wrong, but it doesn't hurt to be aware. Good luck, hope everything comes back normal.

Lacye - posted on 07/20/2012




My daughter was smaller than that when she turned a year old and she was very healthy. I wouldn't consider him underweight. Babies develop differently. Just takes time.

Cathy - posted on 07/20/2012




All 3 of my boys have always been in 90th percentile for weight. They are proportionate to height. My pediatrician has never suggested blood work. My boys are 19, 10 and 4. We have had the same pediatrician for all 3 boys. I would be very concerned if he did suggest blood work based on your childs weight alone. I would want to know what other symptoms he is seeing that makes him concerned about thyroid issues. I would be concerned too and being anurse myself I have to say I would not jump into it but thats just me.

Amber - posted on 07/20/2012




Hi, My son has always been way underweight and short also. He just turned 5 and is barley 30lbs! They have sent us to specialists. He did have alot of feeding issues as an infant( had very severe acid reflux) but now he eats fine. The dr.'s follow his weight and growth but cannot find anything wrong. So try not to worry, unless they can find a reason too. I believe my son was maybe 17lbs at his one year check up. At the rate he's growing he'll be in a carseat till he's a teen LOL. He is very active and smart. They have me give him pediasure or Carnation instant breakfast in hopes the extra calories would boost his weight but it has not. I really used to worry alot but now I see he is healthy and just growing at his own pace. So hang in there :)

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My son is 2 and weighs around 32lbs. My nephew is 3 1/2 and weighs the same as my son.he is a thin boy but he is healthy. Weight depends on a lot of factors but if the doctor says nothing is wrong with his thyroid after the test, don't worry too much. Everyone developed differently

Maria - posted on 07/18/2012




My son had his 2yr check up about 3wks ago and he is on the small side. He only weighed 22lbs(only gained a pound between his 18mon and 2yr check up), and is 33inches in height. The doctor said he is on the smaller side but he is healthy and happy. He has days when he will and won't eat. On the days he eats, it's like he's eating for two kids, but he is very active, so it all balances out. From infant to now, he has hit every milestone on time and some early. As long as you're baby is happy, healthy and developing fine, weight will be something that just catches up later.

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