Son just won't listen

Chantal - posted on 03/19/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




Whenever I tell my 3 year old son to stop being naughty, he turns around and shouts that I'm naughty and he sometimes hits me. I have no idea how to discipline him without him lashing out that way. What can I do?


Rebekah - posted on 03/19/2012




First off, you need to have him learn to respect authority. He needs to know that hitting is not right, he should have an immediate consequence for the yelling/hitting towards you - whatever your consequence is follow through with it right away. When that consequence is over, tell him hitting and yelling is very rude to mommy, have him apologize and give him lots of hugs.

If he is being "naughty", whatever it is he is doing, you need to explain to him why it's naughty. We do not do that because... (fill in the blank). Then tell him, this a "rule". If the rule gets broken, immediately follow through with the consequence of your choice - time-in/time-out/toy taken away/privilege taken away, etc.

The other thing I would do is teach him about emotions - sad, happy, mad, tired. Tell him these are natural emotions we experience but there are good ways and bad ways to express these emotions. Discuss the difference between good and bad ways. When he starts to express in a bad way, tell him that's not a good way to express that emotion, what else could you do... make him problem solve it.

Good luck!


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Sarah - posted on 03/19/2012




To a 3 yr old saying stop being naughty does not really mean anything. You need to tell him what you want him to stop. Also don't say it from across the room. Go over to him and get down to his level and have him look at you then tell him in a firm voice what behavior you want him to stop. If he continues with the behavior or hits you then you need to say in a firm voice "No we don't hit" and put him in time out for 3 mins. The time out spot should be a place where you can see him, but he can't play with any of his toys or anything that could become a toy at that moment. It should also be in a spot where he can't see TV. If he gets up from that spot before the 3 mins are done you pick him up and put him back in the spot and start the time over. When he has stayed in the spot for the whole 3 mins without getting up then you have him tell you he is sorry for hitting and gives you a hug. The BIG thing with discipline is that you have to be CONSISTANT and FOLLOW THROUGH. Kids are smart. If you give empty threats and let behaviors go without a consequence then there is no reason for them to stop the behavior.

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