Son will be 3 May 1st and Not Potty Trained!

Cori - posted on 04/19/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




Having a hard time, the reason being is that he has no interest at all!! We can ask and ask bring him to the potty every 15 minutes, let him run naked. If he is playing or watching Thomas:) he will not go to the potty just fight me... its a constant fight. I need to get him trained soon for Preschool and its a challange. He could careless about stickers or treats. I just hope my Son isnt the only one who's three and wont go pee or pooh on the potty:( feeling like I am failing as a mom.

Thanks for listening any ideas that worked for you are welcome.



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Anika - posted on 04/30/2012




You're not alone, my son will be 3 soon and isn't toilet trained. I've tried a bit too, but I just really feel like my son isn't totally ready. Is it possible to wait a bit longer? Maybe half a year? That's what I plan on doing, as inconvenient as changing nappies with a struggling toddler is.

Nicky - posted on 04/29/2012




Your not failing as a mom. All kids are different!! My son was fully potty trained (besides bedtime) at about 3 1/2. He would go pee & would not go poo on the potty. When he had to poo he would run in his room take his underwear off and put a pull-up on and poo in it then ask me to change him. When he started doing that it showed me that he knew when he had to go cause he would put a pull-up on. So what I did was hid all his pull-ups in my room. I figured if they weren't there for him to use then he would have to use the potty and he did. When we first started potty training we would praise him with high fives and goodjobs!! He would get so excited when we told him he did a great job and is such a big boy. I would let him call grandma and tell her he went pee or poo on the potty and it made him so happy to let people know & to hear from someone other then mommy and daddy that he did a great job! Try that! GOODLUCK! He will get there, sometimes it just takes time. :)

Adele - posted on 04/29/2012




My boy is the same, he turned 3 in march too. have took him out of nappies and into pants for around month but he still didnt use his potty or toilet. He does however hide in a corner or behing something whenever he is having number 1 or 2, so he definitely knows he doing it, i think it is laziness, and because his younger brother is still in nappies (just turned 1). Time to try again, and stick it!!

Katherine - posted on 04/19/2012




Ha ha, my daughter is 3 and doing the same thing to me. She turned 3 in March. She is stubborn, won't go in the toilet unless she feels like it, and pees and poops her diapers. I'm just thinking of taking away the diapers and seeing what she does lol. My other was potty trained before 3.

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