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Heather - posted on 09/26/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




my 2 year old son has receptive and expressive language disorder by the speech pathologist. my ped Tricia said it is not good with receptive. I understand both of them, he is going to start in home therapy soon. has any other mothers experienced this? it has been really hard. my son does not speak at all. I do wonder if it is a type of autism. can you give me your feedback, and how your toddler is doing. I don't know about his future in school. it worries me... please let me know thank you


April - posted on 10/08/2016




Hi! *hugs* My youngest son still wasn’t talking by his 3rd birthday, so we had him evaluated. I suspected autism (we have another son on the autism spectrum), but my youngest son actually has a neurological disorder. His speech therapist said he has issues with receptive and expressive speech. He started speech therapy in April, and I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as whether he would ever really speak. Speech therapy has been amazing for him though!!!!! He is now talking in complete sentences and seems to never stop! It meant so much to me the first time he said, “I love you”. He still struggles some with expressive language. For example, he may look at a bear and know it is a bear, but he can’t find the word bear in his mind. I am still so happy with his progress. I can’t promise that you will have this same breakthrough, but I pray this gives you hope. I would encourage you to go ahead and have your son evaluated for autism, but definitely get the speech therapy in the meantime. It is too early to say how your son will do in school, but he has several years to make progress. Whenever you feel discouraged, look at the progress that he has made. I pray your son makes great strides in speech therapy.

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