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Hi just wondering if anyone has heard of staple food mix allergy the dr said my son has it but has not told me to what food they are and so she was going to ask a specialist but just wanted to know if anyone has the same prob and what the dr say


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when i look it up a staple food allergy is not what your saying it comes up as things to and not to buy for a person with food allergy ,, i was thinking to cause my son gets swollen in his lips when he eats anything with tomato sauce, and we thought he was allergic to peanut butter to and they gave us a small list of staples to buy and not to buy and why would a dr. tell you your kid was allergic to something but not tell you what for my son they sent him to the specialist and they did the testing and told me whats wrong so that i wouldnt be were you r now not knowing if your gonna hurt your kid for feeding them i would call some one in the moring and make some noise and find out how allergic he is cause from 1-5 1 being not to bad 5 being he can just be in the room with it and need a epi pin,, like for me im a 2 fir lay tex gloves i break out with a rash everywhere they touch me so its a big deal to know and if hes a 2-5 make sure he has a epi pin cause the more times he has a reaction the worse it can get ,,not to scare you i just know how it is i have a family member that waiting 3 years to get help for there kid and they just found out that shes allergic to 5 things that she eats an a dayily bases hope this helps some have a good day

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