starting my 18 month old on feeding himself/and a real cup.

Kayla - posted on 11/27/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




i was just wondering how old everyones child was when they started teaching their toddlers to feed themselves with a fork/spoon my son feeds himself but he doesn't really get the whole idea behind using a utensil any suggestions?? and also how old was your toddler when you started a real cup with them..right now he's using a sippy cup he doesn't quite get the idea that if you tip the cup to far your gonna dump it everywhere lol. again any suggestions! thanks!


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Alexis - posted on 12/02/2010




My son has been feeding himself with a spoon\spork since he was one. He is slowly getting better at it...he is 15 months now. He eats at the dinner table with us and we activly demonstrate how to use them. We also place it in his hand and help him to scoop it up and then let him try with lots of praise when he does good. Just letting them play, practice and watch you and they will get it. Our biggest thing was teaching him to keep his hands out of the food. We would gently tell him no when he tried to use his hands and hand him his spoon and tell him to use the spoon. Now as for the cup, my son does the same thing as yours, doesnt realize that you cant tip it back all the way. We havent done any official work on the real cup thing yet.

Lady Heather - posted on 11/27/2010




I guess my daughter really started with a spoon at a year old. She would only play with them before then. Now at 17 months she's pretty handy with a fork and spoon...when she wants to be. She'll still put them down and pick up pieces of food sometimes, even though it actually takes her longer to eat that way! Some sort of game for her or something.

I started showing her how to use a real cup when she was pretty young - about 8 months old or so. But it wasn't all the time. Just with her meals I'd put a little drop in a small cup for her. I would suggest for that just putting a little bit in the bottom of the cup until he's used to sipping. Makes less mess. I just kept a sippy of milk there to refill as needed. Now she will drink from a full cup, but she still thinks it's funny to spill it on her face sometimes.

Forks are pretty fun for kids. I like the take turns stabbing things suggestion. We did that too. Make a game of it. Sometimes they just aren't interested though and there's not much you can really do except keep on modeling the behaviour and providing learning opportunities.

Vicki - posted on 11/27/2010




My boy is 17 months. Im not really teaching him to use cutlery, just letting him do trial and error and assuming he'll work it out eventually! If he's really struggling with stabbing something with a fork i do it for him but otherwise just let him get on with it.

He also just pours water out of cups. He gets he idea. He has a cup in the bath so has lots of practice there. Not sure where you are but maybe just wait until the weather is warm and let him practice outside?

Kelly - posted on 11/27/2010




I started a regular plastic cup when my kids were about 2yrs old. I started them with the smallest bit of water in the bottom of the cup, that way if it spilled it was no big deal.
The fork and spoon thing, will happen!! I gave it to my kids from about 8 months on. Just to "play" with at first,and I would feed them. Later, we would take turns, I would stab something onto a fork, feed him, then say "your turn" and he would try.
Some kids learn faster than others but I think it's really how much they get to practice with it.
Good luck!!

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