Student and a single mom - How to?

Cathrine - posted on 04/21/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hey :)

I am a full time student, and have a 2 YO in DC. During the day I have no trouble finding the time to study, but I do have to manage the time to do household chores, grocery shopping, cooking and parenting. How do you other moms do this? I either feel so low on energy that I just fold and do nothing (obviously we do need-to-do stuff), which don't benefit anyone, or just drop the homework all together..
My grades are decent, so I haven't really gotten the motivation to study more at home, but I need to do it!

Can anyone please share schedule, tips or anything?

(I should make a note here that it is not an option to get outside help, because I live far away from my family).




Anita - posted on 04/26/2013




Wow I guess we can relate a lot to one another so here is some ideas that may be of some help to you. When your 2 year old is in Child care take an hour of that time to clean up the house two or three times a week. With cooking you can do that with your 2 year old they can stir the food they can measure if needed. It is a wonderful teachable moment as well as parenting too. Its fun children love cooking. As for shopping I say pick one day and one gap of time to go out and do that stuff. I do shopping on Saturday's. I really hope that helps. I understand how not having help near you either. I am a signal parent full time college student, and have an internship for school. Hugs and you can do it.

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