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I am soooo sick of bink bink (my son's pacifier). My son is perfect in my eyes other than 2 major problems that we are having.

1) his pacifier is driving me frickin nuts.
2) he refuses to sleep in his own bed.

Okay my son is 17 months going on 18 and his pacifier and stuffed dog are his 2 best friends. He ABSOLUTLY CANNOT have one without the other so any suggestions on replacing his BINK BINK with something such as a stuffed animal is out of the question. This is really an at home and in the car problem. I would LOVE to elimate BOTH in the car and just the paci at home. Why BOTH in the car? Because he tends to drop his dog in the car and then screams until we get wherever we are going and I can retrieve it for him. I can probably deal with the dog in the car... but the paci thing is crazy. He goes to daycare and doesn't take either one in. He actually will hand me both to get out of the car. He KNOWS he doesn't need them at day care and im like WTH why do you need them at home and not at daycare?! He doesn't even take one for naptime at day care!!! They told me he just stopped taking them. That they didn't stop him one day he just didn't want it... when he's at home and he starts to get sleepy or he wants to cuddle he starts searching for the dog and BINK BINK. If he cannot find them he will walk up to me and start crying and screaming BINK BINK BINK BINK! I honesty don't think cutting the tip will work. He use to only take the green hospital paci's but now if he cannot find it anywhere he will take whatever kind he finds. It's gotten that bad. Besides he uses it mostly to chew on unless he's ready for bed. I've tried teething rings but nope rather chew on bink bink.

Now on to the bed thing. . . I have tried everything. The crying it out method USE to work. He would cry 20 mins then be out... NOT ANY MORE. I also tried staying in there till he fell asleep... it works.. till about 3 am then he will scream when he realizes im not in there... i DO NOT feel like going in there at 3 am EVERY MORNING i work... so i need my sleep oh and im pregnant... not fun. I have also tried the gradually moving away from the crib until he finally just falls asleep on his on... now this did work for about a month then he got sick couldn't sleep unless he was in bed with mom and dad now we are back to square one and that is the only thing i havent tried because is takes like 2 weeks for him to get use to it... im scared if he gets sick again it will be a start all over. and this new baby is due in october... all i can say is i am so glad we have a king sized bed... and this new baby will NOT have a pacifier... bc once I get LO weened off I KNOW he will be grabbing the new babies and running off with it and it will be a whole new cycle all over again!


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I know you said you don't think cutting the tip will work but have you tried it yet? I will be honest I never did it because to me it seemed like some chocking hazard but others say it is great.

As far as him taking the babies bink you might be surprised that he will understand it does not belong to him. I thought the same exact thing when my babies were 18 months apart and I just took her bink ( yes we call it a bink too) But she will hand me the babies binks and moved on knowing it isn't hers. We weened her when the baby was 2 months old.

As far as getting rid of it... It might be a sort of trade off.. I know the dog annoys you to but what we did is we went to build a bear. She picked out an animal to stuff. Before they tie up the back have him put bink inside. Say bub bye to bink. And poof it's gone inside of a toy. She was prewarned ahead of time what the plan was.

Ok now on to getting him out of bed. My daughter was 17 months when we did this-
We let her pick out her big girl bed. Then we went shopping for bedding. (i took her to the fabric store and let her pick out fabric and made her a set- so much cheaper and a bit more personalized) She got sheet, blanket, pillow case, her own first pillow, a little throw pillow for decoration cause she is a girl :) Then we built up anticipation. We built the bed on the first day, no mattress yet.. We talked about how awesome the bed was. but never asked her to get in it. Then the next day she woke up from a nap to a fully prettified bed.

We put her bed right next to ours, with one side pushed against a wall. It stayed there for 2 weeks. then we pulled our bed away from her but still close enough she could hear us at night. 2 weeks later we moved her across the room. About a month after that she moved into her own room. When you move the beds depends on his comfort level. You will be so glad he's in his own bed you will not mind it being pressed against yours. She has only come back to our bed for a few nights here and there when she isn't feeling well. I will move her back into her bed before the morning. Mind you this is a child who from day one would scream bloody murder if i even thought about making her sleep on her own.


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I'm scared of the choking hazard thing too! Guess I could try it but honestly I think it would be just as bad as actually taking it away! you should see when it has a hair on it he FREAKS OUT lol

When I sent him to daycare.. there was a little girl that was being weened off her bink and well his always came up missing... he was 4 months at the time... she would steal them and hide them for whenever she wanted a bink bink lol She's my friends daughter. That's why i fear the whole starting over thing when the new one gets here but I know every kid is different.. it's just he's SOO attached to his.

I love the buld a bear idea but unfortunatly the closest thing we have to a buld a bear is an adopt a bear and it's in nashville which is like 3 hrs away.... :/

Our room Is WAAAy to small to put his toddler bed in it.. I've thought about this idea... and we barely have room to walk around ourselves in it.... ANOTHER delima... idk what to do. I'm thinking about just putting him in it at night reading a book and praying he falls asleep also he sleeps better with a tv thought about getting him a small one. I've tried the radio and he doesn't like waking up in the dark even though he has a night light... its not enough light. tv may work. also was giong to pu the baby gate up so he will only have access to the hall and our room so if he was to wake up he'd just go in our room. . .

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