Super baffled! Ok so this has been on my mind for 5 years and mabey one of you ladies out there had a similar experience. When I was 16 ( am now 46) I had some sort of infection and the doctors told me that it would be close to impossible to ever carry a child. I had never been the kind of girl that even thought about marriage and kids so I was perfectly fine. Travelled the world, did my fair share of unsafe behavior and never once used any form of birth control. And yes to my shame that includes condoms. Never ever once and I never got pregnant and it never occurred I could. Then on my 40 th birthday I met my now husband and immediately became ravenous. Took me 3 moth to even consider I could be pregnant and yes! I was. I was stunned. I tend to go with the flow and went with it. The doctors could not figure out how that happened.. I mean my ovaries are shot, barely any eggs and no follicles.... I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy. Married the guy and thought ok this is good. Had a gazillions tests done by docs who were scratching their heads. They said it was a one in a 1000 shots and to not hope hope for another one. No worries I'm just fine. Right after I turned 43 I became pregnant again!!!!!.Another healthy gorgeous wee creature. (At this point I had had no period in over 2 years ) let me say that I know there are lots of women trying desperately to become pregnant who may think I'm ungrateful but I truly don't know how this happened and am hoping for someone with the same sort experience...thanks for listening


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Amanda is absolutely correct!

Sometimes doctors and science cant explain, but they try. Its not a crazy thought that you actually got pregnant, with God all things are possible, He can make the impossible, possible. Rejoice and be glad of it.

I hope you know Him. He loves you and gave you two beautiful blessings!

I dont have the same story as you but I have heard countless stories of women, thinking they would never have children, but afters yrs was able to, there were no medical reasonings, they were miracles. In Genesis 17??. Sarah at an old age became pregnant with a son, after yrs of thinking she would never have a son, she actually did at at an age it wouldnt of normally happened.

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