Super fussy 13-month-old... Help please?!?!

Ellie - posted on 12/01/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




Y'all I need help!! My son Bennett used to be the happiest little guy, and now all of the sudden he's turned into a screaming machine. I've never seen him so angry. He's got his two bottom teeth and four on the top, and isn't showing any signs of teething. He's been a little congested but he's not tugging at his ears. If you pick him up, he immediately wants down, but if you put him down he lets out the most ear-splitting scream I've ever heard. We've tried everything from teething rings to nuks to more food at meal times, he's just not happy all of the sudden. I don't know what to do anymore, and the sound of that scream is going to make me rip my hair out!!! Please help, suggestions are MOST welcome.



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Ellie - posted on 12/04/2011




Thanks so much everyone for your thoughts. The screaming has somewhat subsided, as has his congestion which makes me think the two were related. "The scream" still makes an appearance when he doesn't get his way, but at least it's more bearable when it's not all the time.

Martha - posted on 12/04/2011




Have you tried giving Tylenol? If you think there's any chance he's teething it's worth trying once to see if it helps. Some kids teeth like pros, but some are little terrors.Also at different ages they handle it differently, and molars are the worst or were for my kids and they take a while to come in. My 1st daughter would just scream and scream in pain, even after medicine. My daughters got their teeth later when they aren't as willing to chew on things for comfort. My second daughter didnt scream as much but got more whiny and it was impossible to keep her happy. (like wanting to be held, then not wanting to, but enraged when you don't) She was looking for comfort or a solution and didnt know what would help or how to tell me what was wrong. It's worth trying, if Tylenol (or orajel maybe, but keep in mind it's very short lasting), doesn't help then you know the screaming is emotional tantrums and not from pain.

Katherine - posted on 12/02/2011




Diet changes could do it, but honestly and you probably don't want to hear it again; it's normal behavior.

Nicole - posted on 12/02/2011




I'm going through the same thing so i feel ya! My daughter is going to be a year on the 10th and she just all of a sudden turned into a screamer. She smacks me and says "no no no".... everyone keeps telling me it is normal at this age. I feel like ill be gray by the time im 27! lol... hang in there girl.

Lise - posted on 12/01/2011




Any changes in diet? Honestly, it sounds like a 13 month old to me... Right when my dd started having more wants but not being able to vocalize it. Teaching her signs helped a LOT - especially help, open, and eat.

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